Casa di Cornelia Tasso


Between the late 16th and early 17th century, this palazzo (mansion) was home to Cornelia Tasso, sibling of the lauded Italian poet Torquato Tasso. Suffering mental illness, the paranoid poet fled Ferrara in July 1577 after fearing for his life, disguising himself as his messenger and returning to his hometown of Sorrento. Upon revealing himself to his sister, the poet remained at this address for a short time before heading north to Rome.

The palazzo is notable for its elaborate central balcony, decorated with fantastical carved creatures more evocative of Sicilian or Puglian architecture than that typically found in Campania. If the portal is open, take a peek at the vault, decorated with early-17th-century military coats of arms, trophies and inscriptions mentioned by the troubled scribe himself.

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