Grotta dello Smeraldo


Emerald Grotto Sculptures, underwater biblical display.

Getty Images/Lonely Planet Images

Four kilometres west of Amalfi, this grotto is named after the eerie emerald colour that emanates from the water. Stalactites hang down from the 24m-high ceiling, while stalagmites grow up to 10m tall. Buses regularly pass the car park above the cave entrance (from where you take a lift or stairs down to the rowing boats). Alternatively, Coop Sant’Andrea runs boats from Amalfi (€10 return, plus cave admission). Allow 1½ hours for the return trip.

A curiosity of the Grotta is an underwater presepe (nativity scene) submerged 4m beneath the water. The objects made from local Vietri ceramics were put there in 1956. Each year, on 24 December and 6 January, skin-divers from all over Italy make a traditional pilgrimage to the site.