Must-see attractions in Sydney

  • Balmain


    Once a tough, working-class neighbourhood, Balmain now rivals Paddington in Victorian-era desirability – with the added advantage of being surrounded by…

  • Nielsen Park


    Something of a hidden gem, this gorgeous harbourside park with a sandy beach was once part of the then 206-hectare Vaucluse House estate. Secluded beneath…

  • Cronulla Beach


    Cronulla is a beachy surf suburb south of Botany Bay, its long surf beach (Sydney's only one reachable by train) stretching beyond the dunes to the Botany…

  • APY Gallery

    Surry Hills & Darlinghurst

    Owned and governed by Anangu elders of the APY Art Centre Collective, this gallery is a fantastic place to check out the cutting edge of contemporary…

  • Waverley Cemetery


    Many Sydneysiders would die for these views…and that’s the only way they'll get them. Blanketing the clifftops between Bronte and Clovelly beaches, the…

  • Tamarama Beach


    Surrounded by high cliffs, Tamarama has a deep tongue of sand with just 80m of shoreline. Diminutive, yes, but ever-present rips make Tamarama the most…

  • Parramatta Park


    This 85-hectare riverside park has a democratic feel as locals descend on it to run, laze, picnic or go to a concert or other events. The site of…

  • South Head


    At the northern end of Camp Cove, the South Head Heritage Trail kicks off, leading into a section of Sydney Harbour National Park distinguished by harbour…

  • Elizabeth Farm


    Elizabeth Farm contains part of Australia’s oldest surviving colonial building (1793), built by renegade pastoralist and rum trader John Macarthur…

  • Experiment Farm Cottage


    This colonial bungalow stands on the site of Australia's first official land grant. In 1789 Governor Phillip allocated 12 hectares to emancipated convict…

  • Chau Chak Wing Museum

    Newtown & the Inner West

    This new museum at the University of Sydney is scheduled to open in mid-2020. It will combine the three former university museums and greatly expand the…

  • May Gibbs’ Nutcote


    Beautiful harbourside Nutcote (1925) is the former home of author and illustrator May Gibbs (1877–1969), who wrote the much-loved Australian children’s…

  • National Art School

    Surry Hills & Darlinghurst

    Until 1912 these sandstone buildings were Darlinghurst Gaol: writer Henry Lawson was repeatedly incarcerated here for debt (he called the place …

  • Old Government House


    The country residence of the early governors, this elegant Georgian Palladian building in Parramatta Park is now a preciously maintained museum furnished…

  • Garden Island


    The majority of the important Garden Island naval base is off-limits to the strolling public, but you can visit the tip by ferry. Here, there's a pleasant…

  • Rose Seidler House


    Sydney's most famous architect, Harry Seidler, designed this striking small house (1950) for his mother and father, Rose and Max. It’s a modernist gem,…

  • Milk Beach


    The only things to distract you from serious beach time at divine Milk Beach are seaplanes and the glistening Sydney skyline. With wow-worthy harbour…

  • Macquarie Lighthouse


    Visible from all over Sydney, this striking white lighthouse was built in the 1880s as an exact replica of the original Francis Greenway–designed…

  • Wet'n'Wild Sydney


    The famous Gold Coast theme park has a western Sydney version with more than 40 slides, including a 360-degree loop slide that hits speeds of up to 60km/h…

  • Balmoral Beach


    The beachy enclave of Balmoral faces off with Manly across Middle Harbour, and has some good restaurants and a beaut swimming beach. Split in two by an…

  • Australian Design Centre

    Surry Hills & Darlinghurst

    The non-profit Australian Design Centre has a gallery, Object, that presents innovative exhibitions of new craft and design from Australia and overseas…

  • Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden


    On the shore of Lavender Bay, this is one of Sydney's hidden treasures. The public garden was created by artist Brett Whiteley's widow (an artist herself)…

  • Reef Beach


    This beautiful little cove is on the Manly Scenic Walkway in the Sydney Harbour National Park. It's got turquoise water and great views across to Manly.

  • Australian Centre for Photography

    Surry Hills & Darlinghurst

    The nonprofit ACP exhibits photographic gems from renowned Sydney and international photographers. It’s particularly passionate about photomedia, video…

  • Sydney Park in St Peters

    Sydney Park

    Newtown & the Inner West

    Full of dog walkers, kite flyers and stragglers from last night’s party, 40-hectare Sydney Park is a great place to chill out. From the bald hilltop you…

  • Paddington Reservoir Gardens.

    Paddington Reservoir Gardens


    Opened to much architectural acclaim in 2008, this impressive park makes use of Paddington's long-abandoned 1866 water reservoir, incorporating the brick…

  • Congwong Beach.

    Congwong Beach


    Arguably the most beautiful beach in Kamay Botany Bay National Park, serene Congwong faces the bay rather than the open ocean, making it great for…

  • Brickpit Ring Walk in Sydney, Australia

aerial view of water, green moss, bridge, geometric structure over water; Shutterstock ID 2094382966; your: Bridget Brown; gl: 65050; netsuite: Online Editorial; full: POI Image Update

    Brickpit Ring Walk


    This brightly coloured circular walkway is supported by what look like metal chopsticks, lifting it 18m above the water filling an abandoned brickworks…

  • Juniper Hall.

    Juniper Hall


    Australia’s oldest villa (1824), this restored Georgian mansion was built by Robert Cooper with profits from his gin business (he named it after the…

  • Divers heading for Bare Island.

    Bare Island


    About 50m offshore at La Perouse is the strange Bare Island, a decaying, grass-tussocked concrete fort built in 1885 to discourage a feared Russian…

  • 2BFBBX3 Koala, (Phascolarctos cinereus) in Koala Park Sanctuary Sydney ,NSW Australia

    Koala Park Sanctuary


    This suburban park is a little unkempt but allows you to get to know some native animals. Petting and feeding kangaroos and wallabies is a highlight, as…

  • Little Congwong Beach.

    Little Congwong Beach


    A short walk (or swim) from Congwong Beach will land you at Little Congwong, a secluded, unofficially clothing-optional beach.

  • Fort Denison


    In colonial times this small fortified harbour island was a sorry site of suffering, used to isolate recalcitrant convicts and nicknamed ‘Pinchgut’ for…

  • Kirribilli


    The Sydney residences of Australia’s governor general and prime minister are located on Kirribilli Point, east of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. When in town,…

  • Green Park

    Surry Hills & Darlinghurst

    Once the residence of Alexander Green, hangman of Darlinghurst Gaol, Green Park is a cheery space during the day, but as the many syringe-disposal bins…

  • Moore Park


    Part of the broader Centennial Parklands (a huge green swathe that cuts from Surry Hills to Bondi), Moore Park covers 115 hectares south of Paddington…

  • Bondi Pavilion


    Built in a blended Mediterranean/Georgian Revival style in 1929, ‘The Pav’ is more a cultural centre than a changing shed, although it does have changing…

  • Sze Yup Temple

    Newtown & the Inner West

    This humble backstreet temple was opened in 1898 by immigrants from the Sze Yup area of China. It’s dedicated to 3rd-century folk hero Kwan Ti, whose…

  • Dolphin Point


    This grassy tract at Coogee Beach’s northern end has superb ocean views and the Giles Baths ocean pool. A sobering shrine commemorates the 2002 Bali…

  • Victoria Park

    Newtown & the Inner West

    The green gateway to the Inner West and the University of Sydney, Victoria Park is a 9-hectare grassy wedge revolving around pondlike Lake Northam and…

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