At the northern end of Camp Cove, the South Head Heritage Trail kicks off, leading into a section of Sydney Harbour National Park distinguished by harbour views and crashing surf. It passes old fortifications and a path heading down to Lady Bay nude beach, before continuing on to the candy-striped Hornby Lighthouse and the sandstone Lightkeepers’ Cottages (1858). Between April and November, look out to sea to where the whale-watching boats have congregated and you'll often see cetaceans.

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1. Lady Bay

0.19 MILES

Also known as Lady Jane, this diminutive gay nudist beach sits at the bottom of a cliff, on top of which (somewhat ironically) is a Royal Australian Navy…

2. Camp Cove

0.46 MILES

Immediately north of Watsons Bay, this small swimming beach is popular with both families and topless sunbathers. When Governor Phillip realised Botany…

3. Watsons Bay

0.73 MILES

Lovely Watsons Bay, east of the city centre and north of Bondi, was once a small fishing village, as evidenced by the heritage cottages that pepper the…

4. Middle Head

0.86 MILES

Offering super harbour views and a look straight out to sea between North and South Head, this bushy headland is riddled with fortifications, some dating…

5. Cobblers Beach

1.11 MILES

A nude and secluded beach on the other side of Middle Head from its partner in crime, Obelisk.

6. Obelisk Beach

1.16 MILES

An isolated gay and nudist beach surrounded by bushland in the Middle Head section of Sydney Harbour National Park. It loses the sun quickly in the…

7. Parsley Bay

1.27 MILES

A hidden gem, this little bay has a calm swimming beach, a lawn dotted with sandstone sculptures for picnics and play, a little cafe and a cute suspension…

8. Q Station

1.42 MILES

From 1837 to 1984 this sprawling historic complex in beautiful North Head bushland was used to isolate new arrivals suspected of carrying disease. These…