The Sydney residences of Australia’s governor general and prime minister are located on Kirribilli Point, east of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. When in town, the PM gets some shut-eye in the Gothic Revival–style Kirribilli House, built in 1854, while the GG bunkers down in Admiralty House, built in 1846. Both houses are better spotted from the water than by peering through the lightly fortified gates.

Squeezed between the Harbour Bridge and the politicians, the diminutive Dr Mary Booth Reserve Foreshore Walkway offers great views of the Opera House and the city skyline.

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2. Kirribilli House

0.17 MILES

The official Sydney residence of the Australian prime minister, this Gothic Revival–style mansion is next to the Governor General's residence, Admiralty…

3. Admiralty House

0.19 MILES

Australia's governor-general, the local representative of the monarchy, officially resides in this waterside mansion (1846), best admired from the water…

4. Luna Park


A sinister chip-toothed clown face (50 times life-sized) forms the entrance to this old-fashioned amusement park overlooking Sydney Harbour. It's one of…

5. Sydney Harbour Bridge

0.48 MILES

Sydneysiders love their giant 'coathanger', which opened in 1932. The best way to experience this majestic structure is on foot. Stairs and lifts ascend…

6. Sydney Opera House

0.55 MILES

Designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, this magnificent building is Australia's most famous landmark. Visually referencing a yacht's sails, it's a…

7. Pylon Lookout

0.57 MILES

The views from the top of the Harbour Bridge's southeast pylon are well worth the 200 steps, though the entry fee seems steep. Museum exhibits and a short…

8. May Gibbs’ Nutcote

0.57 MILES

Beautiful harbourside Nutcote (1925) is the former home of author and illustrator May Gibbs (1877–1969), who wrote the much-loved Australian children’s…