Manicured Double Bay, an emblem of Sydney's wealthy Eastern Suburbs, is a bastion of blue-rinse ladies and flashy, nouveau-riche types. There's a lively shopping scene here, and plenty of bars and restaurants. Immediately to the west, Edgecliff is a nondescript transport hub centred on New South Head Rd, sheltering the moneyed mansions of very upmarket Darling Point. To the east, Point Piper is similarly exclusive.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Sydney attractions

1. Lindesay

0.66 MILES

Lindesay is rarely open, but, aside from Nicole Kidman inviting you in for tea, this is probably your best chance to look inside an actual Darling Point…

2. Rushcutters Bay Park

0.69 MILES

Surrounded by enormous Moreton Bay fig trees, luxury yachts and pampered pooches, this unpretentious waterfront park is a beaut spot for a quiet stroll,…

3. Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation


After 21 years as a cutting-edge commercial gallery, Sherman celebrated its coming-of-age by reopening as a not-for-profit gallery. The focus is on…

4. Queen Street

0.91 MILES

Despite its status as the premier antique-shopping strip in Australia (the first shop opened in 1957), tree-lined Queen St retains a village vibe, with…

5. Five Ways

0.91 MILES

While Oxford St is the main drag, this five-way intersection is in many ways the centre of Paddington life. Smartly dressed locals do coffee and shopping…

6. Neild Avenue Maze

0.92 MILES

This tiny maze of thigh-high hedges hides behind a gargantuan plane tree on a Paddington backstreet, squished into a cranny between a textile showroom and…

7. Fitzroy Gardens

1.04 MILES

It’s testimony to the ‘cleaning up’ of the Cross that this once-dodgy park is now a reasonably safe place to hang out (probably helped by the austere…

8. Elizabeth Bay House

1.05 MILES

Now dwarfed by 20th-century apartments, Colonial Secretary Alexander Macleay's elegant Greek Revival mansion was one of the finest houses in the colony…