It is 2021! We survived the roller coaster of a year that 2020 was and the new year brings with it much cheer and hope. New year is also the time when lists are drawn and when dreaming about those much anticipated holidays is at its peak. While the pandemic had applied brakes on travel plans across the world in 2020, it has in no way stopped our desire to explore and discover new places. We are all set to pack our bags once again.

So, what does travel look like in 2021? Here is what we predict.

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Road tripping, by cars, bikes, or even cycles, is expected to grow  ©nithinsgowda/

Road tripping the country

Road trips saw a spurt as the lock down eased and it is a trend that is likely to continue even as air and train travel opens up. The flexibility and safety of road trips remain their the biggest draw. You can take off whenever the opportunity presents itself; the journey becomes as important as the destination and the experience lets you pack in more and savor the trip at your own pace. A road trip anywhere across India also means sampling local food, taking in varied landscapes, driving by quaint villages and towns, and enjoying the wide, open spaces—a much needed respite from our mundane city life.

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Exploring the hidden gems within India is getting more popular ©Radiokafka /

Slow and mindful exploration of our own backyard

With foreign travel still on hold, exploring domestic destinations is becoming more enticing: be it places close to where we live or pockets of our towns and cities that we have not explored yet. With remote working options, staying longer at a destination as opposed to ticking off several places at a time is likely to become common. Longer stays and slower pace means conscious choices that result in helping local communities, small home stay owners, boutique properties, guides and niche operators which in turn will help the industry.

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Holidays that teach a new skill are the future ©Anton Chernov/

Learning a new skill in a new place

Indulging in a common activity is one of the best ways to bond as a family or with close friends. Already on the rise, the trend is sure to grow in the coming year. Signing up for a cooking class in the hills, learning how to paint or draw a local art form in Rajasthan, trying your hand at picking up a craft in Gujarat, or ticking off that bucket list adventure activity in Himalayas is something most of us are looking forward to in 2021. Craftspeople, adventure activity operators, hotels and homestays have been severely impacted by the pandemic and this can go a long way in helping them bring their lives back to normal.

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Self care and wellness holidays are on the rise  ©Ayurvedagram

Self care and wellness vacations

Wellness holidays are best for rejuvenation and with 2020 being the year it has been, we all need a little bit of that. Be it a wellness retreat in the hills or spa holiday by the sea, wellness breaks that come with the promise of self-care are set to get popular in 2021. Plan that Ayurvedic retreat you have always wanted to, take up that detox program you have been considering or sign up for a meditation course up in the mountains this year for never have we needed it more.

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