Must-see attractions in Galicia

  • The Cathedral, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

    Catedral de Santiago de Compostela

    Santiago de Compostela

    The grand heart of Santiago, the cathedral soars above the city in a splendid jumble of spires and sculpture. Built piecemeal over several centuries, its…

  • Fisterra Cape, Galicia (Spain); Shutterstock ID 477019729; Your name (First / Last): Tom Stainer; GL account no.: 65050 ; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial ; Full Product or Project name including edition: Best in Europe 2017

    Cabo Fisterra

    Costa da Morte

    Panoramic Cabo Fisterra is a 3.5km drive or walk south of Fisterra town. It's crowned by a lighthouse, the Faro de Fisterra. Camino de Santiago pilgrims…

  • Praza do Obradoiro, Santiago De Compostela; Shutterstock ID 531550018; Your name (First / Last): Tom Stainer; GL account no.: 65050 ; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial ; Full Product or Project name including edition: Best in Europe 2017

    Praza do Obradoiro

    Santiago de Compostela

    The grand square in front of the cathedral's western facade earned its name (Workshop Sq) from the stonemasons' workshops set up here while the cathedral…

  • Cathedrals Beach in the north of Spain.

    Praia As Catedrais


    This spectacular 1.5km sandy stretch is strung with awesome Gothic-looking rock towers, arches and chambers, sculpted by aeons of sea-water action. Avoid…

  • Cathedral and Roman wall of Lugo. Galicia. Spain; Shutterstock ID 583773139; Your name (First / Last): Tom Stainer; GL account no.: 65050 ; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial ; Full Product or Project name including edition: Best in Europe 2017

    Roman Walls


    The path running right round the top of the World Heritage–listed Roman walls is to Lugo what a maritime promenade is to a seaside resort: a place to jog,…

  • Lighthouse at Cabo de Home.

    Cabo de Home

    Rías Baixas

    From the hamlet of Donón, 4km west of Hío, the windswept, rocky cape Cabo de Home stretches 2.5km south. It's strung with walking trails and a few…

  • The lighthouse at Cabo Ortegal.

    Cabo Ortegal

    Rías Altas

    Four kilometres north of the workaday fishing town of Cariño looms the mother of Spanish capes, Cabo Ortegal, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Bay of…

  • Panorama view of the Castro de Baroña, a fort located in the parish of Baroña in A Coruña, Galicia.

    Castro de Baroña

    Rías Baixas

    Galicia's most spectacularly sited prehistoric settlement is poised majestically on a wind-blasted headland overlooking the Atlantic waves, 4km southwest…

  • Hercules tower, A Coruna, Galicia, Spain.

    Torre de Hércules

    A Coruña

    It was actually the Romans who originally built this lighthouse at the windy northern tip of the city, in the 1st century CE – a beacon on the furthest…

  • Cliffs Herbes Garita.

    Garita de Herbeira

    Rías Altas

    From San Andrés de Teixido the DP2205 winds up and across the Serra da Capelada towards Cariño. Six kilometres from San Andrés is the must-see Garita de…

  • Estaca de Bares, the northernmost point of Spain.

    Punta da Estaca de Bares

    Rías Altas

    From the lighthouse near the tip pf the Bares peninsula, a 500m trail follows the spine of a rock outcrop to the Punta da Estaca de Bares, Spain's most…

  • Monte de Santa Trega


    The 341m summit of Monte de Santa Trega is a 4km drive or 2km walk (via the PRG122) from town. On the way up, stop to poke around the partly restored Iron…

  • 'Best Bank of the World'

    Rías Altas

    This bench 400m west of Praia do Picón affords magnificent panoramas along the jagged coast all the way from the Punta da Estaca de Bares to Cabo Ortegal…

  • Santo Estevo Monastery. Galicia, Spain.; Shutterstock ID 309514889; Your name (First / Last): Tom Stainer; GL account no.: 65050 ; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial ; Full Product or Project name including edition: Best in Europe 2017

    Mosteiro de Santo Estevo


    The enormous Mosteiro de Santo Estevo, in the steep, thickly wooded Sil valley, dates from the 12th century and has three magnificent cloisters (one…

  • Mosteiro de San Pedro de Rocas


    This enchanting mini-monastery, founded in 573 CE, stands hidden among dense woodlands 11km south of Luintra. It contains three cave chapels, originally…

  • Museo da Catedral

    Santiago de Compostela

    The Cathedral Museum spreads over four floors and incorporates the cathedral's large 16th-century cloister. You'll see a sizeable section of Maestro Mateo…

  • Hostal dos Reis Católicos

    Santiago de Compostela

    Stretching across the northern end of Praza do Obradoiro, the Hostal dos Reis Católicos was built in the early 16th century by order of the Catholic…

  • Museo das Peregrinacións e de Santiago

    Santiago de Compostela

    The brightly displayed Museum of Pilgrimages and Santiago gives fascinating insights into the phenomenon of Santiago (man, city and pilgrimage) down the…

  • Pazo de Rubianes

    Rías Baixas

    This 18th-century country mansion, 13km northeast of Cambados, is surrounded by wonderful gardens containing 800 flower species, a large albariño vineyard…

  • Edificio Sarmiento


    The Edificio Sarmiento, pride of the Museo de Pontevedra, occupies a renovated 18th-century college. Its absorbing collection ranges over Galician…

  • Catedral de Santa Maria


    The highlight of the old town is the fortress-like Catedral de Santa Maria. Begun in the 12th century, it reflects a stoic Romanesque style in most of its…

  • Adega Algueira


    At Doade, a few kilometres up the LU903 from the Río Sil towards Monforte de Lemos, the Algueira winery produces some of Ribeira Sacra's best wines and…

  • Castelo de Soutomaior


    The Soutomaior castle-palace, amid enormous and beautiful gardens, is well worth a 21km drive northeast from Vigo. Displays inside the castle, which dates…

  • Museo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología

    A Coruña

    Not just for techies, the National Science and Technology Museum will engage everybody. You'll see the first computer used in Spain (a monstrous IBM 650…

  • Gil Armada

    Rías Baixas

    The handsome 17th-century Pazo de Fefiñáns steals the show on visits to the small, family-run winery that's housed in it. The basic one-hour tour (€7)…

  • Cabo Touriñán

    Costa da Morte

    Picturesque rocky, lighthouse-crowned Cabo Touriñán, 17km southwest of Muxía, is great for a breezy walk. The northwest corner of the cape, Punta de…

  • Praia A Lanzada

    Rías Baixas

    Dune-backed Praia A Lanzada sweeps a spectacular 2.3km along the isthmus leading to O Grove. It's Galicia's most splendid stretch of sand, and enticingly…

  • Praia das Rodas

    Rías Baixas

    This beautiful, 1km-long crescent of sand links the northern Illa de Monteagudo to the central Illa do Faro, with a lagoon behind it.

  • Old Town

    Rías Altas

    Take Rúa Castro up from the central Praza Irmáns García Naveira to the handsome Praza da Constitución, flanked by a couple of appealing cafes along with…

  • Museo de Pontevedra


    Three of the six buildings of Pontevedra's eclectic museum are closed long-term for restoration, but the others are well worth your time. The Edificio…

  • Museo do Pobo Galego

    Santiago de Compostela

    This museum in a former convent is a fascinating window into traditional Galician ways of life, which still persist in some rural areas. Displays range…

  • Catedral de Santa María


    Lugo's serene cathedral, inspired by Santiago de Compostela's, was begun in 1129, though work continued for centuries, yielding a stylistic melange…

  • Museo de San Martiño Pinario

    Santiago de Compostela

    The enormous church of the huge baroque Benedictine monastery of San Martiño Pinario is open to visitors as part of a museum that's well worth a visit…

  • Santuario da Virxe da Barca

    Costa da Morte

    The 18th-century church on the rocky seashore at the north end of town marks the spot where (legend attests) the Virgin Mary arrived in a stone boat and…

  • Castillo de Monterrei


    Looming on a hilltop outside Verín, the main structures of the doughty Monterrei Castle, including the mighty keep and the counts' palace, date from the…

  • Fortaleza de Monterreal


    Dominating the Monte Boi promontory, this fortress was erected between the 11th and 17th centuries and its impregnable 3km circle of walls still stands,…

  • Praia do Rostro

    Costa da Morte

    One of Galicia's most spectacular beaches, this broad 2km stretch of unbroken sand begins about 4km south of Lires and is a particularly magnificent sight…

  • Adega Vella


    Small, friendly, family-run Adega Vella, founded in 2005, is one of several Ribeira Sacra wineries producing vintages from autochthonous grape varieties…

  • Parque do Castro


    Directly south (uphill) from the old town, this verdant park is a magnificent place to be when the sun is dropping into the ocean behind the Illas Cíes…

  • Casa Museo Picasso

    A Coruña

    Pablo Picasso lived in this large apartment from the age of nine to 13 (1891–95), while his father taught art at a nearby school. The apartment is kitted…

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