Mosteiro de San Pedro de Rocas

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This enchanting mini-monastery, founded in 573 CE, stands hidden among dense woodlands 11km south of Luintra. It contains three cave chapels, originally carved out of the rock as retreats for early hermits, and a number of rock-cut graves from the 10th century onwards. The adjacent interpretation centre has informative displays on the Ribeira Sacra. From here the Camiño Real (PRG4) footpath follows a lovely 9km circuit of about 2½ hours through picturesque countryside.

To drive direct from Ourense, take the OU536 east as far as Tarreirigo. Here, 500m past the Km 15 post, turn left on to the OU0509 and follow signs 4km along minor roads to the monastery. Afterwards you can continue north to Luintra on the OU0509.

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