Parque Natural Monte Aloia


This 746-sq-km protected area covers the forest-clothed hill Monte Aloia (631m) which has several panoramic viewpoints and well-marked, not-too-demanding walking trails (one of them a 3.5km loop taking in the castro Alto dos Cubos). An 8km road winds up from the Gondomar road (PO340) on the northern edge of Tui to the Ermida San Xiao chapel near the top of the hill, passing the park visitors centre after 5km.

A round-trip taxi from Tui with a half-hour/hour wait at the top costs €16/20.

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1. Centro de Interpretación

0.42 MILES

The Parque Natural Monte Aloia's visitors centre stands 5km up from the PO340 on the road to the top of the Monte Aloia.

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