Cabo de Home

Top choice in Rías Baixas

From the hamlet of Donón, 4km west of Hío, the windswept, rocky cape Cabo de Home stretches 2.5km south. It's strung with walking trails and a few driveable tracks, and has three lighthouses, a couple of beaches and great views of the Illas Cíes. The wonderfully panoramic Iron Age castro Berobriga sits atop Monte Facho nearby: reaching it involves an uphill walk of about 20 minutes, partly along a castro-era stone-paved track.

Sandy, woodland-backed Praia da Barra stretches 1.3km from the east side of Cabo de Home and is widely agreed to be Galicia's most beautiful clothing-optional beach (you can walk to it from the cape or drive by a 1.6km side road off the Hío–Donón road).

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