Gil Armada

Top choice in Rías Baixas

The handsome 17th-century Pazo de Fefiñáns steals the show on visits to the small, family-run winery that's housed in it. The basic one-hour tour (€7) covers the main rooms of the historic house (with some fascinating antiques and art), its distillery and its vast gardens with 150-year-old vines and an ancient woodland. You can add on a one-wine tasting for €3.

You can buy their wines and some interesting liquors here too.

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Nearby Rías Baixas attractions

1. Bodegas del Palacio de Fefiñanes

0.02 MILES

This small establishment, one of two wineries in the handsome, 17th-century Pazo de Fefiñáns, produces some quality, garlanded albariño wines that you can…

2. Museo Etnográfico e do Viño

0.56 MILES

Cambados' wine museum looks into not just the production and history of albariño wine but also the culture that goes with it.

3. Igrexa de Santa Mariña Dozo

0.56 MILES

This ruined 15th-century church is now roofless but still has its four semicircular roof arches intact, and is surrounded by a well-kept cemetery with…

4. Martín Códax

1.06 MILES

Galicia’s best-known winery, a large, modern, cooperative operation 2.5km east of Cambados, offers tastings and a variety of tours. It's essential to call…

5. Illa A Toxa

2.86 MILES

Approaching O Grove town, you can cross the bridge for a look around Illa A Toxa (Castilian: Isla La Toja), a manicured island with a golf course, thermal…

6. Lonja

2.98 MILES

You can watch the auction of the local fishing fleet's catch here on weekday afternoons – mariscos (shellfish, octopus, squid, etc) from 4 to 5pm and…

7. Mar de Frades

3.47 MILES

A young, innovative winery, with eye-catching deep-blue bottles, Mar de Frades offers one-hour tours of its vineyard and modern installations 9km east of…

8. Acuario de O Grove

4.66 MILES

About 100 mostly Galician marine and freshwater species are showcased in this small aquarium at Punta Moreiras.