Parque do Castro


Directly south (uphill) from the old town, this verdant park is a magnificent place to be when the sun is dropping into the ocean behind the Illas Cíes. You can look at the partly reconstructed Castro de Vigo dating back to the 3rd century BCE, and poke around the hilltop Castelo do Castro, which formed part of Vigo's defences built in the 17th century.

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1. Castro de Vigo

0.09 MILES

The Castro de Vigo, a pre-Roman settlement of circular, thatch-roofed dwellings, dates back to the 3rd century BCE and has been partly reconstructed…

2. Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo

0.38 MILES

Vigo is something of a modern art centre, with several museums and galleries to prove it. The Contemporary Art Museum is the number-one venue for thought…

3. Concatedral de Santa María

0.51 MILES

The Casco Vello's main church was built in 1816, in neoclassical style – long after its Romanesque predecessor was burnt down by Sir Francis Drake.

5. Praia de Samil

2.83 MILES

A long swath of sandy beaches stretches southwest of the city. Best is 1.2km-long Praia de Samil, beginning about 5km from the city centre. It's backed by…

6. Cruceiro de Hío

5.92 MILES

The famous Cruceiro de Hío (so famous it has its own car park) stands outside the Romanesque San Andrés de Hío church. Sculpted in the 1870s by Ignacio…

7. Praia da Barra

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Sandy, woodland-backed Praia da Barra stretches 1.3km from the east side of Cabo de Home and is considered to be Galicia's most beautiful nudist beach …

8. Cabo de Home

7.37 MILES

From the hamlet of Donón, 4km west of Hío, the windswept, rocky cape Cabo de Home stretches 2.5km south. It's strung with walking trails and a few…