Monte de Santa Trega

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The 341m summit of Monte de Santa Trega is a 4km drive or 2km walk (via the PRG122) from town. On the way up, stop to poke around the partly restored Iron Age Castro de Santa Trega. At the top, you'll find a 16th-century chapel, an interesting small archaeological museum on castro culture, a couple of cafes and souvenir stalls – and truly magnificent panoramas up the Miño, across to Portugal and out over the Atlantic.

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1. Museo Arqueológico

0.02 MILES

The small museum at the top of the Monte de Santa Trega has interesting exhibits on the Iron Age castro culture of northwest Spain and northern Portugal.

2. Castelo de Santa Cruz

1.12 MILES

This fort with four arrowhead-shaped corner bastions makes an interesting short visit. It was built to defend A Guarda against the Portuguese in the 17th…

3. Citânia de Santa Luzia

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4. Monte de Santa Luzia

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There are two good reasons to visit Viana’s 228m eucalyptus-clad hill. One is the wondrous view down the coast and up the Lima valley. The other is the…

5. Templo do Sagrado Coração de Jesus

13.04 MILES

This fabulously over-the-top, 20th-century, neo-Byzantine church is one of two reasons to visit Viana’s 228m eucalyptus-clad hill. You can get a little…

6. Fábrica do Chocolate

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This small five-room museum devoted to chocolate is fun and interactive, treating you to tidbits of facts and curiosities, but it's also often packed with…

8. Antigos Paços do Concelho

13.6 MILES

The fortresslike Antigos Paços do Concelho is the old town hall from the 16th century. It sometimes hosts contemporary art exhibitions.