Citânia de Santa Luzia

Viana do Castelo

Behind the Pousada do Monte de Santa Luzia are these ruins of a Celtiberian citânia (fortified village) from around the 4th century BC. You’ll see the stones peeking above the wind-blown savannah. Most of the site is accessible via a boardwalk.

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1. Monte de Santa Luzia


There are two good reasons to visit Viana’s 228m eucalyptus-clad hill. One is the wondrous view down the coast and up the Lima valley. The other is the…

2. Templo do Sagrado Coração de Jesus

0.24 MILES

This fabulously over-the-top, 20th-century, neo-Byzantine church is one of two reasons to visit Viana’s 228m eucalyptus-clad hill. You can get a little…

4. Antigos Paços do Concelho

0.83 MILES

The fortresslike Antigos Paços do Concelho is the old town hall from the 16th century. It sometimes hosts contemporary art exhibitions.

5. Chafariz

0.84 MILES

A Renaissance fountain built in 1554. The fountain is topped with Manueline motifs of an armillary sphere and the cross of the Order of Christ.

6. Praça da República

0.85 MILES

This fine hub of seven narrow laneways is at the heart of the old town’s zone of mansions and monuments. An especially elegant example is the Chafariz, a…

7. Igreja Matriz

0.88 MILES

This elegant parish church – also known as the sé – dates from the 15th century, although it has since been through several reincarnations. Check out its…

8. Fábrica do Chocolate

0.88 MILES

This small five-room museum devoted to chocolate is fun and interactive, treating you to tidbits of facts and curiosities, but it's also often packed with…