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Feira de Barcelos

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The largest, oldest and most celebrated of the Minho's markets is the Feira de Barcelos, held every Thursday in Barcelos on the banks of Rio Cávado. Despite attracting travellers, the market retains its rural soul. Villagers hawk everything from scrawny chickens to hand-embroidered linen, and Roma women bellow for business in the clothes section. Snack on sausages and homemade bread as you wander among brass cowbells, handwoven baskets and carved ox yokes.

Pottery is what most outsiders come to see. Especially popular is the yellow-dotted louça de Barcelos ware and the gaudy figurines à la Rosa Ramalho, a local potter known as the Grandma Moses of Portuguese pottery – her work put Barcelos on the map in the 1950s.

You’ll need at least a couple of hours to see all the goods.

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