Museu Dom Diogo de Sousa


The archaeological museum houses a nicely displayed collection of fragments from Braga’s earliest days. The four rooms feature pieces from Palaeolithic times (arrowheads, funerary objects and ceramics) through Roman rule and on up to the period dominated by the Suevi-Visigoth kingdom (5th through 7th centuries). Especially fascinating are the huge miliários (milestones), carved with Latin inscriptions, that marked the Roman roads.

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1. Termas Romanas do Alto da Cividade

0.14 MILES

These ruins of an extensive bathing complex – with an attached theatre – dating from the 2nd century AD, were probably abandoned in the 5th century. See…

2. Tesouro-Museu da Sé

0.26 MILES

The cathedral's modern treasury museum houses a goldmine of ecclesiastical booty, including the lovely Nossa Senhora do Leite of the Virgin suckling…

3. Capelas e Coro Alto

0.26 MILES

A guided tour grants access to the cathedral’s three most striking chapels: the showpiece Capela dos Reis, home to the tombs of Henri of Burgundy and Dona…


0.26 MILES

Braga’s extraordinary cathedral, the oldest in Portugal, was begun when the archdiocese was restored in 1070 and completed in the following century. It’s…

5. Igreja de Santa Cruz

0.26 MILES

Built in the 17th century, Braga's Holy Cross Church features a mix of baroque and Mannerist architectural styles.

7. Capela de NS da Conceição

0.29 MILES

Built in 1525, this pretty church in Braga's historic centre has an azulejo (tile)-clad facade flanked by a striking crenellated tower.

8. Arco da Porta Nova


Framing the western entrance to Braga's historic centre, this baroque and neoclassical arch was designed by André Soares in the late 18th century.