Igreja de São Francisco

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500px Photo ID: 145452931 - You've seen the crypt bones, now see the gilded woodwork of the Church of São Francisco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Porto, Portugal. The riches used came in considerable measure from a gold rush in 18th century Brazil (applying some 600kg of the gliding metal, as measures go). Sorry, but more baroque detail than pixels available!.This  was a technically tricky shot for me, for the light conditions, the detail (which makes processing contrasts and clarity a bit of a wild game) and the golden hues (which prove quite difficult to fine tune - they may come considerably different depending on your own display setup i guess) all require some careful touching to keep an overall balance, Overmore, the pic is composed by a number of expositions, taken by stealth (no tripod, no flash used), which made it all a more laborious... and adventurous :D

Eduardo Teixeira de Sousa / 500px

Igreja de São Francisco looks from the outside to be an austerely Gothic church, but inside it hides one of Portugal’s most dazzling displays of baroque finery. Hardly a centimetre escapes unsmothered, as otherworldly cherubs and sober monks are drowned by nearly 100kg of gold leaf. If you see only one church in Porto, make it this one.

High on your list should be the nave, interwoven with vines and curlicues, dripping with cherubs and shot through with gold leaf. Peel back the layers to find standouts such as the Manueline-style Chapel of St John the Baptist, the 13th-century statue of St Francis of Assisi and the 18th-century Tree of Jesse, a polychrome marvel of an altarpiece. The church museum harbours a fine, well-edited collection of sacred art.

In the eerily atmospheric catacombs, the great and the good of Porto were once buried. Look out for sculptural works by Italian master Nicolau Nasoni and prolific Portuguese sculptor António Teixeira Lopes.