Câmara Municipal


Braga's town hall is a landmark building by André Soares.

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1. Museu dos Biscainhos

0.07 MILES

An 18th-century aristocrat’s palace is home to Braga's enthusiastic municipal museum, with a nice collection of Roman relics and 17th- to 19th-century…

2. Museu da Imagem

0.07 MILES

In a beautifully minimalist medieval stone tower, outfitted tastefully with steel and wood stairs, this museum shows off impeccably lit, international…

3. Arco da Porta Nova

0.07 MILES

Framing the western entrance to Braga's historic centre, this baroque and neoclassical arch was designed by André Soares in the late 18th century.

4. Antigo Paço Episcopal

0.09 MILES

With its toothy crenellated walls forming a dramatic counterpoint to the greenery of the neighbouring Jardim de Santa Bárbara, this former Archbishop’s…


0.11 MILES

Braga’s extraordinary cathedral, the oldest in Portugal, was begun when the archdiocese was restored in 1070 and completed in the following century. It’s…

6. Capelas e Coro Alto

0.11 MILES

A guided tour grants access to the cathedral’s three most striking chapels: the showpiece Capela dos Reis, home to the tombs of Henri of Burgundy and Dona…

7. Tesouro-Museu da Sé

0.11 MILES

The cathedral's modern treasury museum houses a goldmine of ecclesiastical booty, including the lovely Nossa Senhora do Leite of the Virgin suckling…

8. Jardim de Santa Bárbara

0.14 MILES

This 17th-century square has narrow paths picking their way through a sea of flowers and topiary. On sunny days the adjacent pedestrianised Rua Justino…