Catedral de Santa María

Cathedral in Lugo

The cathedral, inspired by Santiago de Compostela's, was begun in 1129, though work continued for centuries, yielding an aesthetic mix of styles ranging from Romanesque (as in the transepts) to neoclassical (the main facade). It's a serene building that merits a close look. The superb gilded main altarpiece, carved with scenes from the life of Christ by Cornelis de Holanda in the 1530s, now stands in two parts in the two transepts.

Behind the ultra-baroque high altar (which is surrounded by very colourful stained-glass windows), an ultra-baroque chapel houses the beautiful Gothic image of Nosa Señora dos Ollos Grandes (Our Lady of the Big Eyes), in polychromed alabaster. Outside, just above the north doorway, the sculpture of Christ in majesty is a masterpiece of Spanish Romanesque stone carving.