Casa dos Mosaicos


These remains of a Roman mansion sit beneath an old town street, with some wonderfully preserved mosaics and murals.

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2. Museo Provincial


Lugo's main museum includes parts of the Gothic Convento de San Francisco and is one of Galicia's best and biggest museums. Well-displayed exhibits…

3. Catedral de Santa María

0.11 MILES

Lugo's serene cathedral, inspired by Santiago de Compostela's, was begun in 1129, though work continued for centuries, yielding a stylistic melange…

4. Domus do Mitreo

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5. Roman Walls

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The path running right round the top of the World Heritage–listed Roman walls is to Lugo what a maritime promenade is to a seaside resort: a place to jog,…

6. Mosteiro de Samos

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