Top Choice Nature Reserve in Cao Lanh

Xeo Quyt Forest

Around 35km southeast of Cao Lanh is the magnificent 52-hectare Xeo Quyt Forest near My Hiep village. One vast swamp beneath a beautiful thick canopy of tall trees and vines, it hides the remains of Viet Cong bunker…
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Ha Tien

Thach Dong Cave Pagoda

Also known as Chua Thanh Van, this Buddhist cave temple is 4km northeast of town. Scramble through the cave chambers to see the funerary tablets and altars to Ngoc Hoang, Quan The Am Bo Tat and the two Buddhist monk…
Top Choice Museum in Sapa

Sapa Museum

Excellent showcase of the history and ethnology of the Sapa area, including the colonial times of the French. Exhibitions demonstrate the differences between the various ethnic minority people of the area, so it's d…
Top Choice Cave in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

Tu Lan Cave

The Tu Lan cave trip begins with a countryside hike then a swim (with headlamps and life jackets) through two spectacular river caves before emerging in an idyllic valley. Then there's more hiking through dense fore…
Top Choice Cave in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

Hang Toi

Incorporating an above-water zipline, followed by a swim into the cave, and then exploration of a pitch-black passageway of oozing mud, it's little wonder Hang Toi is the cave experience you may have already heard a…
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Soc Trang

Xa Long Pagoda

Originally built in wood in the 18th century, this magnificent Khmer pagoda was completely rebuilt in 1923 but proved to be too small. From 1969 to 1985, the present-day large pagoda was slowly built as funds trickl…
Top Choice Memorial in Ba Chuc

Ba Chuc

Ba Chuc’s memorial stands as a ghastly reminder of the horrors perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge. Between 18 April and 30 April 1978, the Khmer Rouge killed 3157 villagers here; only two survived.The memorial consists …
Temple in South-Central Vietnam

My Son

The effusive have described this as Vietnam’s Angkor Wat, but that’s hardly fair: My Son contains fewer ruins (and they are very much ruined) within a small area of about 200 sq metres. Still, it’s the most extensiv…
Buddhist Site in Phan Rang & Thap Cham

Quang Cong Pagoda

The 135-year old Quang Cong Pagoda is a colourful Chinese temple in the town centre.
Museum in Hanoi Region

Ho Chi Minh Trail Museum

A throwback to the 1980s, this graphic museum, about 13km southwest of the Old Quarter, is dedicated to the famous supply route from the Communist north to the occupied south of Vietnam. The displays, including an a…