Top things to do in Rhodes

Top Choice Archaeological Site in Lindos

Acropolis of Lindos

A short, steep-stepped footpath climbs the rocky 116m-high headland above the village to reach Lindos’ beautifully preserved Acropolis. First fortified in the 6th century BC, the clifftop is now enclosed by battleme…
Top Choice Museum in Rhodes Town

Archaeological Museum

A weathered, sun-kissed stone lion, visible from the street, invites visitors into the magnificent 15th-century Knights' Hospital that holds Rhodes’ superb archaeology museum. Exhibits range through several upstairs…
Top Choice Mediterranean in Rhodes Town

Marco Polo Cafe

Despite being barely visible, or even signed, from the street, this irresistible dinner-only restaurant is filled nightly, with diners savouring exquisite culinary creations like sea-bream fillets on a ‘risotto’ of …
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Western Rhodes & the Interior

Ancient Kamiros

Cradled in a natural hillside amphitheatre 1km up from the sea, the remarkably complete ruins of ancient Kamiros stand 34km southwest of Rhodes Town. Founded in the 10th century BC, and mentioned by Homer, Kamiros r…
Top Choice Bar in Rhodes Town

Raxati Cafe

This high-ceilinged, free-spirited bar and coffee house, close to the attractive Ibrahim Pasha mosque, is as pretty as it is friendly. Inside the stone walls are peppered with vintage ad posters, and the backlit bar…
Top Choice Cafe in Southeastern Rhodes

Colonia San Marco Caffé

This lonesome relic, 3km east of Kattavia, resembles something from a spaghetti western. Constructed in 1926 as the centrepiece of an Italian agricultural colony, it originally held a school and still holds a church…
Top Choice Seafood in Rhodes Town


If you want to eat on the waterfront, Rhodes Town holds no better option than Meltemi, nestled into the sands of Elli Beach, just beyond Mandraki Harbour. The building itself may be drab, but the terrace views are m…
Top Choice Taverna in Lindos


This former sea captain's residence with its beautiful stone relief is perfect for lunch or dinner on the roof terrace or inside. Sea bass, octopus, makarounes (homemade pasta served with fresh onions and melted loc…
Top Choice Gifts & Souvenirs in Lindos


Celebrating the work of upcoming artists and jewellers, this fabulous boutique is the best place in Lindos to buy fine gifts at affordable prices.
Area in Rhodes Town

Knights’ Quarter

Essentially an occupying army, the Knights of St John transformed the northern segment of the Old Town during the 14th and 15th centuries, to create what’s known today as the Knights’ Quarter. Taking care to protect…