Top things to do

Top Choice Museum in MONA & Northern Hobart


Twelve kilometres north of Hobart's city centre, MONA occupies a saucepan-shaped peninsula jutting into the Derwent River. Arrayed across three underground levels, abutting a sheer rock face, the $75-million museum …
Top Choice Historic Site in Salamanca Place & the Waterfront

Salamanca Place

This picturesque row of three- and four-storey sandstone warehouses is a classic example of Australian colonial architecture. Dating back to the whaling days of the 1830s, Salamanca was the hub of Hobart’s trade and…
Top Choice National Park in Coles Bay & Freycinet National Park

Freycinet National Park

Sheathed in coastal heaths, orchids and wild flowers, gorgeous Freycinet incorporates Freycinet Peninsula, people-free Schouten Island and the lesser-known Friendly Beaches north of Coles Bay. An improbably photogen…
Top Choice National Park in Cradle Country & The West

Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park

Part of the Unesco World Heritage–listed Tasmanian Wilderness, this 1262-sq-km national park incorporates glacier-sculpted mountain peaks, river gorges, lakes, tarns and wild alpine moorlands stretching all the way …
Top Choice National Park in Cradle Country & The West

Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park

Saved from hydroelectric immersion in the 1980s, this World Heritage–listed national park embraces the catchment areas of the Franklin and Olga Rivers and part of the Gordon River – all exceptional rafting, bushwalk…
Top Choice Art in Hobart


The sinister sister of MONA FOMA, Dark MOFO broods in the half-light of June's winter solstice. Expect live music, installations, readings, film noir, bonfires, red wine and midnight feasts, all mainlining Tasmania'…
Top Choice Sports in Hobart

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

Maxi-yachts competing in the world's most gruelling open-ocean race start arriving in Hobart around 29 December – just in time for New Year’s Eve. (Yachties sure can party…)
Top Choice Historic Site in Port Arthur

Port Arthur Historic Site

This amazing Unesco World Heritage–listed convict site is one of Tasmania’s big-ticket attractions. The dozens of structures here are best interpreted via guided tour (included with admission). The feared Separate P…
Top Choice Mountain in Battery Point, Sandy Bay & South Hobart

Kunanyi/Mt Wellington

Cloaked in winter snow, Kunanyi/Mt Wellington (1271m) towers over Hobart like a benevolent overlord. The citizens find reassurance in its constant, solid presence, while outdoorsy types find the space to hike and bi…
Top Choice Historic Site in Battery Point, Sandy Bay & South Hobart

Battery Point

An empty rum bottle’s throw from the waterfront, the old maritime village of Battery Point is a tight nest of lanes and 19th-century cottages, packed together like shanghaied landlubbers in a ship’s belly. Spend an …