Welcome to Wrangell–St Elias National Park

One more time: this park is big. If Wrangell-St Elias were a country it would be larger than 70 of the world’s independent nations. Its biggest glacier covers an area larger than the US state of Rhode Island. Plenty of its mountain peaks have never been climbed. And that’s even before you’ve started counting the bears, beavers, porcupines and moose.

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Wrangell–St Elias National Park activities

$115 Water Sports

3-4 hr Kennicott Glacier Lake River Raft

In this day raft trip, you will enjoy a fun-filled Glacier Lake & Class II-III Alaska river adventure. Start your trip just below the terminus of the Kennicott Glacier, where the receding ice has created a magnificent lake that has formed in the last ten years. Paddle around a landscape that has formed in the last 25 years, jump off an iceberg and watch as pieces of the glacier calve into the lake right in front of the boat. After experiencing the grand beauty of a new landscape forming, you will paddle to the mouth of the river. After a brief but thorough safety orientation, raft the fun waves of the Kennicott River as your guide expertly maneuvers around any dangers and into maximum fun!Prior to your trip, you will be outfitted in a dry suit and helmet to safely paddle for your enjoyment.

$95 Water Sports

Kennicott Glacial Lake Stand Up Paddle Board Tour

Take an exciting 4-hour trip on Kennicott Glacier Lake. Paddle among icebergs, hike on the rocky surface of the ancient ice, and watch as geology happens before your eyes. This tour is a perfect way to get on the water, soak in the serenity, and enjoy some of the finest views that Kennicott Valley has to offer. Your expert guide will entertain you on a special interpretive tour of one of the newest geographical features of our beautiful valley. As you paddle around this ever changing landscape, take a walk on the glacier itself for some very unique vistas. Listen to the glacier as it quietly cracks and tumbles, while you scout for bears and other wildlife along the shores and even sometimes on the ice! Your guide is versed in glaciology and loves to talk about the “giant freezer” that ends abruptly just outside of town. You will also learn about the historic Kennecott Mines, the countless 6,000 ft+ mountains, the unbelievable mile high Stairway Ice Fall, and the towering 16,000 ft+ Mount Blackburn. Experience Alaska as if you are paddling your “SUP” in a fine art painting. For the extra adventurous, test your paddling abilities on some of the rapids that flow directly along the glacier. Otherwise, just relax and take it all in!

$125 Outdoor Activities

Private Root Glacier Hike

Your glacial journey begins at our shop in “downtown” McCarthy, our guides will outfit you with a pair of crampons and a pre-trip orientation before we shuttle up to Kennecott.  From the bus depot at the beginning of the Kennecott Historic Town Site, take a trek through the historic copper town while your guide explains the buildings and history of the Worlds purest copper.  The 14 story Concentration Mill and the towering stacks of the old Powerhouse dominate the townscape, but there are many smaller buildings as well, your guides “insider” knowledge will help to illuminate the stories that once unfolded here.  Well preserved as a National Heritage site, Kennecott is truly a unique place to begin your hike to the Root Glacier. After the brief walk through town, our trail begins out to the glacier, trekking along the well-marked trail, check out wild-flowers alongside, maybe taste a few of the Alaska Berries along the way.  The roughly 2 mile hike from bus depot to white ice provides for great photo ops and stops along the way to learn more about the glacier in front of us and the alpine mountains and the creatures that roam there. Once at the glacier, pause briefly while we put on our crampons and your guide gives some key advice on walking in crampons safely and effectively.  We’ll admit, walking on ice with the sharp spikes of the crampons on the bottom can be a little awkward at first, but after a little bit of “break in “ time and the sage knowledge the professional, you’ll find yourself immersed in an unbelievable, unique landscape.  You’ll spend a few hours circling Moulin’s, traversing fields of ice, basking in the beauty of blue pools and truly getting a sense of the vastness and wildness of the Alaskan landscape. From start to finish, the half day glacier hike can take between 4 & 6 hours and approximately 5-6 miles depending on your crew, motivation levels, and comfort.  What makes our trips different?  All of our full price trips are private tours(groups of 2 or more), that means we travel at your pace, we explore at your pace, and best of all, you get a private guide that you can ask far more questions and have them customize your trip to your needs.

$3899 Classic

Highlights of Alaska

A vast, rugged land of jaw-dropping beauty and abundant wildlife, Alaska remains America’s last truly unconquered frontier. Up to the challenge? This 15-day adventure will put you in touch with one massive state more than you’d imagined possible, mixing hotel stays with cabins typical of the Alaskan frontier. Along the way, you’ll sample amazingly fresh seafood in Anchorage, hike Denali National Park, investigate glaciers, and be blown away by the awesome majesty of your surroundings. Prepare to have your horizons expanded tenfold.

$2949 18-to-Thirtysomethings

Alaska Camping Adventure

Glistening tidal glaciers and majestic mountains are sure to capture your hearts and camera lenses on this 14-day camping adventure that gets you out of the tourist bubble and into the Great Outdoors. Spot an incredible array of wildlife among national parks, be charmed by historic towns enveloped in stunning scenery (Snow-capped peaks! Lush evergreens!), and camp in the remote Alaskan wilderness under a blanket of stars so thick that you can feel the curvature of the earth. You’ll soon understand and appreciate why Alaska is the only state to proudly depict a constellation on its flag.

$1799 18-to-Thirtysomethings

Camping in Scenic Alaska and Denali

Lace up your hiking boots, charge up those camera batteries, and stoke your adventurous spirit. This nine-day Alaskan tour is made for active nature lovers that know the best way to experience a destination is getting intimate with the land. Go kayaking in the coastal town of Valdez, camp under the stars in the remote Alaskan wilderness, and hike among wildlife and incredible scenery in Denali National Park. Do it all with a small group of worldly wanderers that share your desire to venture off the beaten path.

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