Must-see attractions in Middle Atlas

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    Middle Atlas

    Sitting in the middle of a fertile plain, the ruined Roman city of Volubilis is the best-preserved archaeological site in Morocco. Its most amazing…

  • Top of every tourists list when visiting Fez seems to be a visit to the Chaouwara (Chouara) Tanneries. With the help of a guide you are taken into one of the many leather shops that surround the open air tanning pits and with some explanation of the dying process, you will also be encouraged to buy some leather products. It is a beautiful sight and worth a visit.

    Chouara Tannery


    The largest of the medina's several tanneries, Chouara is one of the city’s most iconic sights (and smells). Operating since at least the 16th century,…

  • The Medersa Bou Inania is a madrasa in Fes, Morocco. Medersa Bou Inania is acknowledged as an excellent example of Marinid architecture.; Shutterstock ID 1066026653; Your name (First / Last): Lauren Keith; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: POI image update

    Medersa Bou Inania


    The most architecturally refined of Fez’s theological colleges was built by the Merinid sultan Bou Inan between 1351 and 1357. Beyond the massive brass…

  • Nejjarine Museum of Wooden Arts & Crafts


    In a wonderfully restored early-18th-century funduq (inn used by caravans), the former rooms for travelling merchants are given over to displays of fine…

  • Meknes, Meknes, Morocco, North Africa, Africa

    Bab El Mansour


    The focus of Place El Hedim is this huge gate, perhaps the grandest of all imperial Moroccan gateways. The gate is well preserved, if a bit dulled by soot…

  • Gouffre de Friouato

    Tazekka National Park

    More than 20m wide and 230m deep, the Gouffre de Friouato is said to be the deepest cavern in North Africa, and the cave system is possibly the most…

  • Ben Danan Synagogue


    Built in the 17th century to serve the megorashim (Jews descended from those expelled from Spain), this synagogue is trimmed in pretty herringbone green…

  • Souq


    Azrou's weekly souq is one of the largest in the Middle Atlas and truly a sight to behold, but it's not a souvenir-fest: mountain people come from…

  • Jnan Sbil


    These lush gardens are a breath of fresh air after the intensity of Fez's medina, and a good walking route between Bab Bou Jeloud and the mellah (Jewish…

  • Fez Medina


    The largest car-free urban area in the world, Fez El Bali (Old Fez) is a warren of twisting lanes and centuries-old monuments and mosques. As well…

  • The date, fig and walnut stall next to the entrance of the Medersa El-Attarine deep in the ancient Medina of Fes, Morocco.

    Medersa El Attarine


    Founded in 1325 in the heart of the medina, this school is a marvel of elegant mosaic tiles, magnificent cut plaster as fine as lace and beautiful…

  • Art Naji


    If you're interested in how Fez's beautiful pottery and tiles are made, head to Ain Nokbi, a district just outside the medina where potters were relocated…

  • Gorges d’Aouli


    A drive through this spectacular gorge, following the river along a badly degraded road from Midelt, is truly breathtaking. Past the first abandoned…

  • Medersa Bou Inania


    Opposite the Grande Mosquée, this religious school, completed in 1358, is typical of the exquisite Merinid interior design. Although it is not as lavish…

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    Place El Hedim


    Cleared by Moulay Ismail so his populace could better admire Bab El Mansour, this square is the social heart of the medina, and it really livens up at…

  • MEKNES, MOROCCO - FEBRUARY 29, 2016: Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail interior in Meknes in Morocco. Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail is a tomb and mosque located in the Morocco city of Meknes.; Shutterstock ID 421915627; Your name (First / Last): Lauren Keith; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: Day in Meknes article

    Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail


    Closed since 2016 for a massive renovation, the final resting place of the sultan who made Meknes his capital in the 17th century is ordinarily a must-see…

  • Fes, Royal Palace, Ville Nouvelle.

    Royal Palace


    Unless you have a special invitation to the palace grounds, you'll have to settle for admiring its seven imposing front gates, surrounded by fine tilework…

  • Fez - view tombs of 5 Merenid

    Merinid Tombs


    These 14th-century tombs are in a dramatic, advanced state of ruin. The real draw is the spectacular views over Fez and the mountains to the north. At…

  • American Fondouk


    This nonprofit organisation, established in 1927, is dedicated to giving the working donkeys, mules and horses of the Fez medina a better life, with…

  • Dar Jamaï Museum


    On the north side of Place El Hedim, this museum was under renovation at last visit, with a possible reopening in 2020. Built in 1882 by the powerful…

  • Mellah


    In 1438 Sultan Ar Rashid created Morocco's first official Jewish district, just east of the royal palace. At its peak, some 250,000 Jews lived in the area…

  • Water Clock


    The only traces of this ingenious medieval device, installed in 1357, are 13 wooden beams jutting from the wall above street level. Each held a brass bowl…

  • Henna Souq


    One of the medina's oldest marketplaces and also one of its most pleasant, this souq is dominated by a graceful plane tree amid stalls selling pottery and…

  • Zawiya of Moulay Idriss II


    Although it is in a mosque that's closed to non-Muslims, the tomb of Fez's founder (d. 828) is considered the spiritual heart of the city and is its most…

  • Mausoleum of Moulay Idriss

    Moulay Idriss Zerhoun

    The Mausoleum of Moulay Idriss is Morocco's most important pilgrimage site, and the town is swamped every August during the annual moussem to venerate it;…

  • Dayet Aoua

    Middle Atlas

    Dayet Aoua is surrounded by woodlands in an area notably rich in bird life. The lake is a popular picnic destination for families on weekends, but during…

  • Musée du Batha


    Awaiting official opening after a heavy renovation, this 19th-century summer palace has been a museum since 1915. The collection focuses on traditional…

  • Chemmaine-Sbitriyine Funduq


    These two adjoining 13th-century fanadiq (inns used by caravans) have been thoroughly restored and host a number of artisans' workshops; of all the…

  • Palais Glaoui


    This is a slightly odd opportunity to tour someone's home and personal art gallery, which also happens to be a deeply dilapidated 18th-century palace,…

  • Funduq Ghazl


    This beautifully restored funduq (ancient caravanserai) now houses textile artisans, including women. There are tailors, thread bobbiners, tassel- and…

  • Palais Al Mansour


    Moulay Ismail's summer palace, built in the countryside in the 17th century, now sits in the middle of the urban fabric of Meknes – there's even a…

  • Grande & Petite Terrasses

    Moulay Idriss Zerhoun

    These lofty medina vantage points provide stunning views over Moulay Idriss and the green-roofed mausoleum. The Grande Terrasse is broader and better for…

  • Medersa Cherratine


    It may not be as lavishly ornamented as the Bou Inania or the Attarine, but this 1670 Quranic school has the great benefits of being very large and little…

  • Medina


    The Oued Aggaï flows through the centre of Sefrou's medina, opening the place up and giving it more of an airy feel than that of many old medinas…

  • Sefrou Museum of Multiculturalism


    Located in the old carpenters funduq, this small museum tells the story of Sefrou in an inventive way. It exemplifies the multiculturalism of Morocco,…

  • Rue des Mérinides


    The most architecturally impressive street in the mellah (Jewish quarter) is Rue des Mérinides, lined with houses that are distinguished by their wooden…

  • Oued Tizguit

    Middle Atlas

    One of the Ramsar sites in the national park, this wetland southeast of Ifrane is home to rare insects (caddisfly and stonefly) and plants (Atlas daisy)…

  • Funduq Fès Jdid


    This is a beautifully restored funduq (ancient caravanserai) where weavers work on large looms, alongside slipper makers and tailors. Don't miss the…

  • Haroune Aqueduct

    Moulay Idriss Zerhoun

    Also known as the Roman aqueduct (though it's not that old), this is a remarkable structure probably built to provide water to Moulay Idriss.

  • Ouiouane Lake

    Middle Atlas

    Set in the Ifrane National Park, this Ramsar site is a five-hour walk or 35-minute drive south of Ain Leuh.