Fez Medina


The largest car-free urban area in the world, Fez El Bali (Old Fez) is a warren of twisting lanes and centuries-old monuments and mosques. As well preserved as the traditional architecture are the traditional crafts practised here for centuries: this is a rare opportunity to see how many distinctly Moroccan treasures, from fine leather to copper pots, are made.

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1. Musée Belghazi


The dusty displays of silver jewellery are secondary to the experience of finding this mansion, down extra-winding lanes, and relaxing over tea in the…

3. Henna Souq

0.21 MILES

One of the medina's oldest marketplaces and also one of its most pleasant, this souq is dominated by a graceful plane tree amid stalls selling pottery and…

4. Zawiya of Moulay Idriss II

0.21 MILES

Although it is in a mosque that's closed to non-Muslims, the tomb of Fez's founder (d. 828) is considered the spiritual heart of the city and is its most…

5. Medersa Cherratine

0.24 MILES

It may not be as lavishly ornamented as the Bou Inania or the Attarine, but this 1670 Quranic school has the great benefits of being very large and little…

6. Chemmaine-Sbitriyine Funduq

0.25 MILES

These two adjoining 13th-century fanadiq (inns used by caravans) have been thoroughly restored and host a number of artisans' workshops; of all the…

7. Medersa El Attarine

0.28 MILES

Founded in 1325 in the heart of the medina, this school is a marvel of elegant mosaic tiles, magnificent cut plaster as fine as lace and beautiful…

8. Palais Glaoui

0.28 MILES

This is a slightly odd opportunity to tour someone's home and personal art gallery, which also happens to be a deeply dilapidated 18th-century palace,…