Jnan Sbil

Top choice in Fez

These lush gardens are a breath of fresh air after the intensity of Fez's medina, and a good walking route between Bab Bou Jeloud and the mellah (Jewish Quarter). Midday, they can feel a bit dry and empty; they're better at dusk, when locals come in droves to promenade on the shady paths, cool off around the grand central fountains and visit the bird coops, where peacocks and doves are bred. There's a second gate on the east side.

Afternoon concerts are held here during the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music.

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1. Bou Jeloud Square

0.18 MILES

This square on the edge of the medina comes alive at dusk, when locals emerge to stroll and chat. Concerts and a few storytellers sometimes pop up here,…

2. Bab Bou Jeloud


What's considered the 'front door' of the medina dates only from 1913, when the French punched a hole in the city wall and erected this grand triple…

3. Musée du Batha

0.35 MILES

Awaiting official opening after a heavy renovation, this 19th-century summer palace has been a museum since 1915. The collection focuses on traditional…

4. Water Clock

0.37 MILES

The only traces of this ingenious medieval device, installed in 1357, are 13 wooden beams jutting from the wall above street level. Each held a brass bowl…

5. Medersa Bou Inania

0.39 MILES

The most architecturally refined of Fez’s theological colleges was built by the Merinid sultan Bou Inan between 1351 and 1357. Beyond the massive brass…

6. Borj Sidi Bounafae

0.42 MILES

After a large restoration, this tower, built in 1550, was awaiting official reopening in 2019. The view from the ramparts helps put Fez El Jdid in…

7. Mellah

0.44 MILES

In 1438 Sultan Ar Rashid created Morocco's first official Jewish district, just east of the royal palace. At its peak, some 250,000 Jews lived in the area…

8. Royal Palace

0.46 MILES

Unless you have a special invitation to the palace grounds, you'll have to settle for admiring its seven imposing front gates, surrounded by fine tilework…