Dar Jamaï Museum


On the north side of Place El Hedim, this museum was under renovation at last visit, with a possible reopening in 2020. Built in 1882 by the powerful Jamaï family, two of whom were viziers to Sultan Moulay Al Hassan I, the palace building has been a museum since 1920. Its collection includes traditional ceramics, jewellery, textiles and cedar-wood craft. The Andalusian garden and courtyard are shady, peaceful spots dotted with orange trees.

Look out for the brocaded saddles, and some exquisite examples of Meknasi needlework (including some extravagant gold and silver caftans). The koubba (domed sanctuary) upstairs is furnished as a traditional salon complete with luxurious rugs and cushions. The museum also has some antique carpets, representing various styles from different regions of Morocco.

The history of the palace is tumultuous: when Sultan Moulay Al Hassan I died in 1894, the Jamaï family lost favour in court, and hence everything else. The palace was passed on to the powerful Glaoui family. In 1912 the French commandeered the palace for a military hospital, before it was taken over in 1920 by the Administration des Beaux Arts.

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