Ras El Ma

Tazekka National Park

Climbing out of Taza into the mountains as you travel south on the R507 affords wonderful views. The waterfalls, just outside the park, are at their best from November to May. They emanate from a spring surrounded by ash, cherry and olive trees. There are a few small restaurants along the road here, serving drinks and tajines.

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2. Bastion


Taza Haute's bastion, where the medina walls jut out to the east, was added to the 12th-century fortifications 400 years later by the Saadians, but it's…

3. Gouffre de Friouato

4.44 MILES

More than 20m wide and 230m deep, the Gouffre de Friouato is said to be the deepest cavern in North Africa, and the cave system is possibly the most…

4. Grande Mosquée


Not far from Bab Er Rih, and visible over the top of the houses, is the Grande Mosquée, which the Almohads began building in 1135 before they conquered…

5. Bab Er Rih

4.75 MILES

The most interesting section of Taza Haute's fortified wall is around Bab Er Rih, from where there are superb views over the surrounding countryside. Look…

6. Parc Nouzha Bouhyati

6.07 MILES

This is a pleasant spot to picnic or have a barbecue in a designated fireplace. There's a children's play area too. The cabin sells tea, cold drinks,…

7. Dayet Chiker

6.64 MILES

The wide valley of the River Lakhal contains a few small hamlets surrounded by farmlands. It's in sharp contrast to the heavily forested mountains all…

8. Bab Bou-Idir Holiday Village

8.06 MILES

This place is filled with Moroccan holiday-makers in July and August, but is deserted the rest of the year. A couple of walks into the park start here.