Top things to do in Tottori Prefecture

Top Choice Dunes in Tottori

Tottori-sakyū (The Dunes)

Used as the location for Teshigahara Hiroshi's classic 1964 film, Woman in the Dunes, the Tottori sand dunes are on the coast about 5km from the city. There's a viewing point on a hillside overlooking the dunes, alo…
Top Choice Museum in Tottori

Sand Museum

You came to see sand? Well, there's truckloads at this impressive museum of sand sculptures, where sand aficionados from all over the world are invited to create huge, amazingly detailed works based on a particular …
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Daisen


This Buddhist temple dating from 718 on Daisen, long considered a sacred mountain, seems eternally tranquil. In reality, from the eighth to the 14th century the Daisen-ji shrine complex was a hub of power, where arm…
Grill in Tottori

Sumibi Jujuan

Fresh seafood and local beef sumibiyaki (charcoal grilled) are the specialities in this airy restaurant. It does shabu-shabu (thinly sliced beef or pork cooked with vegetables in boiling water and then dipped in sau…
Seafood in Sakaiminato


This restaurant is proud that its kaisen-don (seafood over rice) has featured on Japanese TV. The friendly owner will help you navigate the menu and advise on the daily specials: fish fresh off the boat. There are a…
Ramen in Tottori

Gottsuo Ramen

Get a taste of Tottori's take on ramen, which uses beef bones for the base rather than pork. This small joint is known for its flavoursome, thin, almost fresh broth and soft cuts of pork. Sit at the bar or tables wi…
Buddhist Temple in Tottori


The main attraction at this 17th-century temple is its beautiful garden, built around a pond. Gather your thoughts and contemplate the arrangement of stones and trees while sipping a cup of matcha, which is included…
Museum in Sakaiminato

Mizuki Shigeru Museum

This multimedia museum displays manga artist Mizuki Shigeru's illustrations, artwork, and personal collection of masks and folklore paraphernalia. Audio guides (free) are available in English. The museum, unmissable…
Shinto Shrine in Daisen


This appealingly weathered wooden shrine is the oldest building in western Tottori Prefecture. It is up a stone path from Daisen-ji, one of many forest walks in the area that lead to other temples and ruins.
Viewpoint in Daisen

Masumizu Plateau

Along the Daisen Parkway (the 35km scenic road crossing the Daisen area) is the Masumizu Plateau, where a gondola lift takes you up to an observation point for stunning views and hiking trails.