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Dangers & Annoyances

The biggest threat to travellers in Tokyo is the city's general aura of safety; keep up the same level of caution and common sense that you would back home.

  • Drink-spiking continues to be a problem in Roppongi (resulting in robbery, extortion and, in extreme cases, physical assault). This is most often the case when touts are involved; never follow a tout into a bar, anywhere.
  • Men are likely to be solicited in Roppongi and neighbourhoods that are considered red-light districts, including Kabukichō (in Shinjuku) and Dōgenzaka (in Shibuya). Women – particularly solo women – are likely to be harassed in these districts.

Police Boxes

Twenty-four-hour staffed kōban (交番; police boxes) are located near major train stations and intersections and also within commercial and entertainment districts. You can report crimes here – in which case they'll call in the nearest police station – and also fill out forms for lost items. Kōban officers rarely speak English, but are generally friendly and will try to help.