Top things to do

Top Choice Archaeological Site in Aomori

Sannai Maruyama Site

Excavation of this site turned up an astonishing number of intact artefacts from Japan's Jōmon era (10,000 to 2000 years ago), which are on display at the museum here. Clay figures, jade beads and large chestnut pil…
Top Choice Market in Aomori

Shinsen Ichiba

Cut out the middle man and head straight for the famed Aomori seafood market where piles of produce including scallops, codfish, apples, pickled vegetables and many other foods are laid out for restaurateurs to hand…
Parade in Aomori

Aomori Nebuta Matsuri

The Nebuta Matsuri has parades of spectacular illuminated floats, accompanied by thousands of rowdy, chanting dancers. The parades start at sunset and last for hours; on the final day, the action starts at about noo…
Museum in Aomori

Aomori Museum of Art

There are terrific offerings for kids in the fun and quirky pieces by contemporary artists from Aomori Prefecture featured heavily in the permanent collection here. These include pop icon Yoshitomo Nara – and his 9f…
Seafood in Aomori


In a town that knows how to handle a bivalve, Osanai has the stellar reputation among locals for its simple and cheap hotate (scallop) recipes. Located at the beginning of busy Shinmachi-dōri, the menu here includes…
Chinese in Aomori


Walking down Shinmachi-dōri from the station, turn left on Zeimusho-dōri (before the Alpha Hotel). Walk towards the water, and on your left you'll find this refreshingly down-to-earth Chinese diner serving ramen, gy…
Steak in Aomori


In business for over 30 years for good reason, and a perennial favourite among the meat-eating fraternity, Aki's signature dish is katsu teishoku (crumbed cutlets set), but it also grills a delicious thin steak. The…
Japanese in Aomori


This brightly lit basement restaurant stars musicians wielding shamisen (three-stringed instruments resembling a lute or a banjo) entertaining seafood lovers with their high-pitched twang. It's a lovely place to enj…
Brewery in Aomori


The A-Factory food hall has a fairly broad selection of Japanese and Western holes-in-the-wall, but its on-site apple cider brewery is what makes it special – the sweet drink is available by the glass or bottle. Thi…
Museum in Aomori

Nebuta no Ie Wa Rasse

Even if you missed the Nebuta festival, you can still gawk at the awesome craftsmanship of the floats displayed at this new museum on the waterfront. On weekends there are dancing and drumming performances.