Must-see attractions in Piedmont

  • Egypt, Thebes, Tomb of Kha, The offer and worshiping to Osiris seated on a throne, fragment of the book of the dead, two column papyrus with hieroglyphs and polychrome drawings, eighteenth dynasty

    Museo Egizio


    Opened in 1824 and housed in the austere Palazzo dell'Accademia delle Scienze, this Turin institution houses the most important collection of Egyptian…

  • Outside of Castello di Rivoli castle.

    Castello di Rivoli


    Some 21km west of Turin, the Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art is a giant of modern art in Piedmont. Its ambition and reach, not to mention…

  • Palace and park of Venaria, residence of the Royal House of Savoy, Piedmont (Italy); Shutterstock ID 209445400; Your name (First / Last): Anna Tyler; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: destination-image-southern-europe

    Reggia di Venaria Reale


    OK, it may not enjoy the weighty publicity of its French counterpart, but this is one of the largest royal residences in the world, rescued from ruin by a…

  • Sacra di San Michele

    Sacra di San Michele


    This Gothic-Romanesque abbey, brooding above the road 14km from Turin, has kept sentry atop Monte Pirchiriano (962m) since the 10th century. It housed a…

  • TURIN, ITALY - CIRCA JANUARY 2017: Vintage red Ferrari car at Museo Nazionale dell Automobile (meaning National Automobile Museum car museum); Shutterstock ID 564700480; Your name (First / Last): Anna Tyler; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: destination-image-southern-europe

    Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile


    As the historic birthplace of one of the world's leading car manufacturers – the ‘T’ in Fiat stands for Torino – Turin is the obvious place for a car…

  • Palazzo Reale


    Statues of the mythical twins Castor and Pollux guard the entrance to this eye-catching palace and, according to local hearsay, also watch over the…

  • Cappella del Barolo, a little colorful church on a summer's day.

    Cappella del Barolo

    Langhe, Roero & Monferrato

    Alba's winemaking-restaurateuring Ceretti family has commissioned a number of site-specific artworks in the region and this never-consecrated chapel is…

  • Museo Casa Mollino


    Architect-designer-artist Carlo Mollino is perhaps Turin's most intriguing son and a quintessentially 20th-century Torinese. The little-known Museo Casa…

  • Cantine Bosca

    Langhe, Roero & Monferrato

    Some 28km south of Asti, the Cantine Bosca is one of several historic wineries that produce the famed sparkling wine of the area (the DOCG Asti Spumante,…

  • The Basilica of Superga is a church in the vicinity of Turin. It was built from 1717 to 1731  by Filippo Juvarra, at the top of the hill of Superga.

    Basilica di Superga


    Vittorio Amedeo II's 1706 promise, to build a basilica to honour the Virgin Mary if Turin was saved from besieging French and Spanish armies, resulted in…

  • Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin; Shutterstock ID 156867308; Your name (First / Last): Anna Tyler; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: destination-image-southern-europe

    Cattedrale di San Giovanni Battista


    Turin's cathedral was built between 1491 and 1498 on the site of three 14th-century basilicas and, before that, a Roman theatre. Plain interior aside, as…

  • The Arch of Augustus of Susa, a monument originally built at the end of the 1st century BC.

    Arco d'Augusto


    The pristine and impressive triumphal Arch of Augustus, dating to 9BC, sits just outside the centre of town. It marks the transition of power between the…

  • Museo Lavazza


    Set in the architecturally striking new headquarters of the famed coffee chain, the Museo Lavazza takes you deep into the world of the heady caffeine…

  • Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli


    On the rooftop of the Lingotto building, 3km south of the centre, this intimate gallery houses the personal collection of late Fiat head Gianni Agnelli,…

  • Piazza Castello


    Turin's central square is lined with museums, theatres and cafes. The city's Savoy heart, although laid out from the mid-1300s, was mostly constructed…

  • Juventus Museum


    The state-of-the-art Juventus Stadium has a museum that will blind you with its silverware (32 Serie A titles – and the rest!) and proudly recounts how it…

  • Fondazione Merz


    The Arte Povera powerhouse, Mario Merz, was born in Milan but spent most of his creative life in Turin. This foundation space, an evocative reworking of…

  • Museo del Vino a Barolo

    Langhe, Roero & Monferrato

    A capricious jaunt through the history of viticulture via light, film and installations, care of the imagination of Swiss designer François Confino (who…

  • Parco Naturale Alpi Marittime


    Piedmont's largest park is home to spectacular landscapes, encompassing wildflower-filled grasslands, topaz lakes, shimmering glaciers and jagged mountain…

  • Fondazione Sandretto re Rebaudengo


    This classic white-cube contemporary gallery space was created with Italian super curator Francesco Bonami and runs a great exhibition program showcasing…

  • Museo Ettore Fico


    This sleek, contemporary gallery joins Turin's already stellar collection of pivotal art foundations. Set in an old factory in a hipster, postindustrial…

  • Museo Nazionale del Cinema


    Housed in the Mole Antonelliana, this enjoyable museum takes you on a fantastic tour through cinematic history. Memorabilia on display includes Marilyn…

  • Mole Antonelliana


    The symbol of Turin, this 167m tower with its distinctive aluminium spire appears on the Italian two-cent coin. It was originally intended as a synagogue…

  • Lingotto


    Turin's former Fiat factory, one of Italy's most praised examples of early-20th-century industrial architecture, is 5km south of the city centre. It was…

  • Museo della Sindone


    Encased in the crypt of Santo Sudario church, this fascinating museum documents one of the most studied objects in human history: the Holy Shroud. Despite…

  • Palazzo Madama


    A part-medieval, part-baroque castle built in the 13th century on the site of the old Roman gate, this palazzo is named after Madama Reale Maria Cristina,…

  • Parco Valentino


    Opened in 1856, this 550,000-sq-metre French-style park kisses the banks of the Po and is filled with joggers, promenaders and lovers night and day…

  • Torre di Barbaresco

    Langhe, Roero & Monferrato

    Take the lift to the rooftop of this restored medieval tower for a sublime view over wine country. You'll see the meandering Tanaro River, various other…

  • Centro Culturale San Giuseppe


    A converted church turned cultural centre, this is a lovely place to catch a choral or chamber music performance, or undertake a bracing hike up 134 steps…

  • Borgo Medievale


    Perched over a scenic stretch of the Po River, the Borgo Medievale is a small recreated 15th-century village that was actually built for the 1884 Turin…

  • Giardino Reale


    These royal gardens, freely accessed via the Palazzo Reale, make a tranquil setting for a bit of down time in the city centre. Flower-lined pathways,…

  • Torre Troyana o Dell'Orologio


    During the late 13th century the region became one of Italy's wealthiest, with 150-odd towers springing up in Asti alone. Of the 12 that remain, only this…

  • Palazzo Mazzetti


    This 18th-century residence of the Mazzetti family houses the civic museum and an information office. Downstairs you'll find Roman artefacts and a scale…

  • Porta Palatina


    The low-key and little-visited Porta Palatina is, in fact, one of the best preserved 1st-century BC Roman gateways in the world. Together with the remains…

  • Torre Civica


    The burnt-red-tiled rooftops of Saluzzo's old town make a timeless picture from the loggia (balcony) beneath this 15th-century belfry, which is reached…

  • Piazza Galimberti


    Arriving in Cuneo's gargantuan main piazza, you'd think you'd just touched down in a capital city. Finished in 1884, it sits aside an older portico…

  • Roman Amphitheatre


    Razed to the ground by Napoleon's armies, little remains of this 1st-century amphitheatre, but it's still an atmospheric spot to stroll around.

  • Asti,Italy,6 october 2019.Asti Cathedral is dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary,82m long and 24m in height and width, is one of the largest churches in Piedmont, the highest expression of Gothic architecture of the region

    Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta


    Rising above Asti's historic core is the enormous belfry of this 13th-century Romanesque-Gothic cathedral. Its grandly painted interior merits a peek.