Borgo Medievale


Perched over a scenic stretch of the Po River, the Borgo Medievale is a small recreated 15th-century village that was actually built for the 1884 Turin Expo. Enter via the drawbridge, then wander amid gardens, arcades, artisan shops and trickling fountains beneath imposing crenellated castle walls. It's a hit with families.

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1. Parco Valentino

0.62 MILES

Opened in 1856, this 550,000-sq-metre French-style park kisses the banks of the Po and is filled with joggers, promenaders and lovers night and day…

2. Chiesa della Gran Madre di Dio

1.15 MILES

A grand backdrop across the Po from Piazza Vittorio Veneto, this church was built in the style of a mini-Pantheon from 1818 to 1831 to commemorate the…

3. Chiesa di Santa Cristina

1.21 MILES

This ornate marble- and granite-fronted church is one of the pair of churches on Piazza San Carlo and dates to 1639.

4. Chiesa di San Carlo Borromeo

1.23 MILES

One of the twin churches on Piazza San Carlo, this Baroque beauty was dedicated to San Carlo Borromeo by Carlo Emanuele I in 1619, although the facade…

5. Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile

1.31 MILES

As the historic birthplace of one of the world's leading car manufacturers – the ‘T’ in Fiat stands for Torino – Turin is the obvious place for a car…

7. Museo Egizio

1.34 MILES

Opened in 1824 and housed in the austere Palazzo dell'Accademia delle Scienze, this Turin institution houses the most important collection of Egyptian…

8. Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli

1.35 MILES

On the rooftop of the Lingotto building, 3km south of the centre, this intimate gallery houses the personal collection of late Fiat head Gianni Agnelli,…