Top Choice Museum in Phnom Penh

National Museum of Cambodia

Located just north of the Royal Palace, the National Museum of Cambodia is housed in a graceful terracotta structure of traditional design (built from 1917 to 1920), with an inviting courtyard garden. The museum is …
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Phnom Penh

Silver Pagoda

Within the Royal Palace compound is the extravagant Silver Pagoda, also known as Wat Preah Keo or Temple of the Emerald Buddha. It is so named for its floor, which is covered with five tons of gleaming silver. You c…
Top Choice Museum in Phnom Penh

Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocidal Crimes

In 1975, Tuol Svay Prey High School was taken over by Pol Pot’s security forces and turned into a prison known as Security Prison 21 (S-21); it soon became the largest centre of detention and torture in the country.…
Top Choice Palace in Phnom Penh

Royal Palace

With its classic Khmer roofs and ornate gilding, the Royal Palace dominates the diminutive skyline of Phnom Penh. It's a striking structure near the riverfront, bearing a remarkable likeness to its counterpart in Ba…
Gallery in Phnom Penh

Vann Nath Gallery

The late Cambodian artist Vann Nath is famous the world over for his depictions of Khmer Rouge torture scenes at Phnom Penh’s notorious S-21 Security Prison, where he was one of only seven survivors.Many of Vann Nat…
Gate in Phnom Penh

South Gate (Closed)

South gate of the royal compound (not in use).
Landmark in Phnom Penh

National Library

The National Library is in a graceful old building constructed in 1924, near Wat Phnom. During its rule, the Khmer Rouge turned the building into a stable and destroyed most of the books. Many were thrown out into t…
Buddhist Site in Phnom Penh

Prayuvong Buddha Factories

In order to replace the countless Buddhas and ritual objects smashed by the Khmer Rouge, a whole neighbourhood of private workshops making cement Buddhas, naga and small stupas has grown up on the grounds of Wat Pra…
Monument in Phnom Penh

Independence Monument

Modelled on the central tower of Angkor Wat, Independence Monument was built in 1958 to commemorate the country’s independence from France in 1953. It also serves as a memorial to Cambodia’s war dead. Wreaths are la…
Buddhist Temple in Phnom Penh

Wat Ounalom

This wat is the headquarters of Cambodian Buddhism. It was founded in 1443 and comprises 44 structures. It received a battering during the Pol Pot era, but today the wat has come back to life. The head of the countr…