Top Choice Church in Sofia

Aleksander Nevski Cathedral

One of the symbols not just of Sofia but of Bulgaria itself, this massive, awe-inspiring church was built between 1882 and 1912 in memory of the 200,000 Russian soldiers who died fighting for Bulgaria’s independence…
Top Choice Church in Sofia

Sveta Sofia Church

Sveta Sofia is one of the capital's oldest churches, and gave the city its name. A subterranean museum houses an ancient necropolis, with 56 tombs and the remains of four other churches. Outside are the Tomb of the …
Museum in Sofia

Archaeological Museum

Housed in a former mosque built in 1496, this museum displays a wealth of Thracian, Roman and medieval artefacts. Highlights include a mosaic floor from the Church of Sveta Sofia, a 4th-century BC Thracian gold buri…
Mosque in Sofia

Banya Bashi Mosque

Sofia’s only working mosque was built in 1576. It’s certainly an eye-catching edifice, and the red-brick minaret makes a convenient landmark. Visitors are welcome outside prayer times if modestly dressed.
Park in Sofia

Borisova Gradina

Lying southeast of the city centre, Sofia’s most attractive park is filled with countless statues and flowerbeds and is a relaxing place for a stroll. It's a vast place, and is home to the Vasil Levski Stadium and C…
Park in Sofia

Doctors’ Garden

This neat, secluded park features a big, pyramidal monument dedicated to the medics who died in the Russo-Turkish War (1877–78). Also here is an outdoor lapidarium, which includes numerous Roman architectural fragme…
Museum in Sofia

Ethnographical Museum

Displays on regional costumes, crafts and folklore are spread over two floors of the former royal palace, and many of the rooms are worth pausing over themselves for their marble fireplaces, mirrors and ornate plast…
Church in Sofia

Sveta Nedelya Cathedral

Completed in 1863, this magnificent domed church is one of the city’s major landmarks, and is noted for its rich, Byzantine-style murals. The church was targeted by communists on 16 April 1925 in a failed bomb attac…
Park in Sofia

Yuzhen Park

South of the city centre, Yuzhen Park is a vast, wild green sprawl, filled with trees and shady pathways. A sparkling stream bubbles through it, and there is a handful of discreet bars and cafes that are not always …
Park in Sofia

Sofia City Garden

This small, central park, bounded on its northern end by ul Tsar Osvoboditel, is favoured by Sofia's chess-playing pensioners. It's home to the National Theatre, and until 1999 held the mausoleum of Bulgaria’s first…