Church in Ruse

Catholic Church of St Paul the Crucified

This church just off ul Pridunavski was completed in 1892. Its original murals, stained-glass windows, chandeliers and icons survive. St Paul’s was the first Bulgarian church equipped with an organ, and the 700-pipe…
Landmark in Ruse

Clock Tower

The clock tower, on the site of Bulgaria's first insurance company, is a popular meeting point.
Museum in Ruse

Museum of the Urban Lifestyle in Ruse

Built in 1866 this elegant townhouse features some re-created period rooms, with 19th-century furniture, paintings and chandeliers upstairs. Downstairs there are changing exhibitions on social themes such as educati…
Monument in Ruse

Pantheon of the National Revival

The gold-domed Pantheon of the National Revival was built in 1978 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the deaths of 453 local heroes who fought the Ottomans in the Russo-Turkish War. Inside, you can see the marb…
Archaeological Site in Ruse

Roman Fortress of Sexaginta Prista

Archaeological work is ongoing at this former Roman fortress at a high point along the Danube. Research attests to some 2000 years of continued military use, from an ancient Thracian settlement through the Roman per…
Museum in Ruse

Ruse Regional Museum of History

The 5th-century BC Borovo Treasure, consisting of silver cups and jugs adorned with Greek gods, is one of the highlights of Ruse's main history museum. Other artefacts on display include Thracian helmets, Roman stat…
Monument in Ruse

Soviet Army Monument

Built in 1949 to mark the victory of the Soviet Red Army over Nazi Germany in WWII.
Museum in Ruse

National Transport Museum

The country's only National Transport Museum is housed in the building of Bulgaria's first railway station. It exhibits vintage locomotives from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as carriages that once…
Notable Building in Ruse

Profit-Yielding Building

This huge, gloriously titled neo-baroque building dominates the western end of pl Svoboda. Built between 1898 and 1902 by Viennese architects, it was intended as a home for the Dramatic Theatre (which is still here)…
Church in Ruse

Sveta Troitsa Church

Built in 1632 below ground level – according to the Turkish stipulation that churches should be as unobtrusive as possible – Sveta Troitsa has a fine gilt wood iconostasis and wooden pillars painted to look like mar…