Top Choice Historic Site in Plovdiv

Roman Amphitheatre

Plovdiv’s magnificent 2nd-century AD amphitheatre, built during the reign of Emperor Trajan, was uncovered during a freak landslide in 1972. It once held about 6000 spectators. Now largely restored, it's one of Bulg…
Museum in Plovdiv


This museum of pharmacy is set in an 1872 mansion. Sometimes has erratic opening hours.
Museum in Plovdiv

Archaeological Museum

This 100,000-item museum is a tour de force of Thracian and Roman artefacts, as well as icons and ecclesiastical artefacts from recent centuries. Most dazzling is the weighty Thracian gold work, part of the Panagyur…
Gallery in Plovdiv

Atanas Krastev House

Close to Nebet Tepe hill, this late 18th-century house was the residence of local painter and conservationist Atanas Krastev until his death in 2003. Krastev's impact on preserving and showcasing Plovdiv's cultural …
Museum in Plovdiv

Balabanov House

One of Plovdiv's most beautiful Bulgarian Revival–era mansions, Balabanov House is an enjoyable way to experience old town nostalgia as well as contemporary art. The house was faithfully reconstructed in 19th-centur…
Gallery in Plovdiv

Center for Contemporary Art

A stocky 16th-century Turkish bathhouse now features irregular, rotating displays of contemporary art. Free entry on Thursdays.
Church in Plovdiv

Church of Sveta Bogoroditsa

Painted a fetching shade of butter-cream yellow, this three-nave church looks out proudly from a stone staircase at the base of the old town. Built in 1844 on the site of a 9th-century shrine, its 12th-century incar…
Church in Plovdiv

Church of Sveti Konstantin & Elena

This is Plovdiv’s oldest church and one of its most beloved. Dedicated to Emperor Constantine the Great and his mother, Helena, it was built on the spot where two Christian martyrs were beheaded in the year 304. Adm…
Gallery in Plovdiv

City Art Gallery

This branch of the City Gallery of Fine Arts holds small, temporary exhibitions of abstract art, housed within one of Plovdiv's first Bulgarian Renaissance schools.
Museum in Plovdiv

Cultural Center Thrakart

Visible through floor-to-ceiling windows in the Tsar Obedinitel underpass, Cultural Center Thrakart contains extensive Roman floor mosaics and various artefacts from Roman (and earlier) times. Concerts are performed…