Capricorn season arrives on the same day as the winter solstice (summer solstice for those in the southern hemisphere), granting us the motivation and self-belief to close out the decade with as much gusto as possible. Symbolized by the mythical sea goat, a fantastical animal capable of plunging to the deepest depths and scaling the steepest mountains, Capricorn represents our dedication to seizing our destinies, no matter how ambitious they might seem.

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Capricorn season reminds us to cease our destinies however lofty they might seem © Sean Drakes / Getty Images

A new moon in Capricorn and annular solar eclipse arrives as a last-minute Christmas present on the evening of December 25 (or December 26, depending on your time zone). Those located near Saudi Arabia might see the sun rise as an apparent ring of fire and those in Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, South India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia will be able to see it higher in the sky before it sets east of Guam in the Pacific Ocean. While the annular solar eclipse is certainly a sight to behold, it’s important to wear solar eclipse glasses while gazing at it or you risk damaging your eyes.

Solar eclipses are typically thought of astrological wild cards and not ideal for setting intentions or manifestation work. They’re often accompanied by sudden insights or dramatic beginnings or endings, the effects of which could play out in the months to come. It’s best to use this time to remain present and tread with caution.

Mercury, the planet of communication, commerce, and travel, moves into Capricorn on December 28, infusing these areas of our lives with practicality and discipline. It’s a good time to schedule that coffee date you’ve been putting off or begin drafting that email to persuade your boss for a raise. If you have a tendency to let others speak for you or discount your own opinion, it’s an opportune time to practice speaking with more authority.

With Jupiter and the sun in Capricorn flirting in the sky, the end of the year represents an especially auspicious time for goal-setting and making a detailed plan for how to achieve your 2020 resolutions.

The sunsets behind a coastal European city with sparkling water in the foreground
Take to Valencia to find balance between bustle and rest © Manuel Brava Colmeiro / Getty Images


With an abundance of planets moving through your first house of self and personality, you’ll be feeling extra confident in your abilities and motivated to work even harder than usual. It’s important to find balance in your routines, to remain connected to your body and rest when needed. Valencia, Spain, known as the City of Arts and Sciences, offers a gorgeous coast to lounge upon and Spain’s strict afternoon siesta will help you schedule time for relaxation. 


As several planets in Capricorn move through your twelfth house of mystery, the unconscious, secrets and transformation, you’ll be invited to make friends with the proverbial monster under the bed. It’s a time for bringing to light the things you feel ashamed or embarrassed about so that they no longer have power over you. Head to Prague in the Czech Republic, where you can indulge in a White Christmas, explore the holiday markets and take a day trip to Kutna Hora, home of the infamous Bone Church, a chapel adorned with thousands of human skeletons. 


It’s a good time to travel with friends as an affluence of Capricorn energy transits your eleventh house of social circles. If you prefer to travel solo, you can put that energy towards expanding your social network. Whether you decide to strengthen or broaden your social circles, it’s important that you do it face-to-face rather than online. Barbados comes alive during the holiday season, with plenty of island delicacies to enjoy and a Christmas fashion show at Queen’s Park in Bridgetown that makes it easy to foster new friendships.

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Visit Galle, Sri Lanka to remind yourself that while your ambitions are important there is more to your value than work © Anton Petrus / Getty Images


You’ll likely have 2020 resolutions at the forefront of your mind, as multiple planets move through your tenth house of career ambitions and public image. Try not to get too wrapped up in other people’s perceptions of what you do and remind yourself that you have value outside of your work. A visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Galle, Sri Lanka, offers the perfect blend of culture alongside gorgeous scenery. You can spend your days lazily strolling the historic city and plopping down on the beach whenever you need a break. 


Travel, learning and new experiences are already on your mind, as several planets in Capricorn move through your ninth house. Whether or not you’re able to travel during this season, make it a point to expose yourself to new ways of thinking and consider picking up a new hobby to challenge yourself. If you are able to travel, Wailuku, Maui, is a quaint town and one of the more affordable destinations in Hawaii. This walkable community has a Native Intelligence resource center which offers plenty of souvenir options made by local artisans.


All of the earth energy brought on by Capricorn season might prove a little too heavy for you, especially since the sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all moving through your eighth house of legacies, death and regeneration. Don’t feel bad if you’re resistant to spending too much time soaking in these themes, after all, your nature is to flit from one subject to another. With 2,000 temples, resplendent fabrics and perfumes, and holy rituals along the Ganges River, Varanasi, India, will allow you to approach these topics in a nonthreatening manner. 

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Miami is the perfect place for Cancers to hang out on the beach, reevaluate partnerships and meet new people © AC Productions / Getty Images


Symbolized by the crab, your sign is known for being protective and not necessarily the most open to meeting new people. With several planets moving through your seventh house of partnerships, you’ll be challenged to assess the different partnerships you’re involved in and encouraged to expand your social circle. If you’re single, it could be an opportune time to get clear on what you want from a potential romantic partner. Head to Miami, Florida, where you’ll be met with tropical weather, warm beaches and plenty of opportunities to socialize.


As a fixed fire sign, you tend to be the type who leaps first and looks afterwards. Your confidence is an asset, but this Capricorn season will ask you to slow down and tune into your body’s wants and needs. Spend some time considering how you can bring more balance into your life and how your actions benefit those around you. A trip to Puerto Rico offers plenty of fresh fruit to enjoy, plus hikes and live music to get your body moving. The island is still recovering from two devastating hurricanes in 2017 and you can research different organizations to donate to or items to bring to support the U.S. territory.


Much like your earth-sign brethren, you might be feeling motivated to map out your 2020 goals, but with several planets moving through your fifth house of pleasure and creativity, you’ll also be feeling a pull to entertain your inner child and set aside some unstructured time. The crystalline waters at Navagio Beach on the coast of Zakynthos on the Ionian Islands of Greece are sure to clear your mind and get your creative juices flowing. Known as Shipwreck Beach, this remote spot is only accessible via boat and known for being one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Woman reads in a hammock on a beach in the Seychelles Islands
If you're feeling the urge to stay home, but also want to travel, a trip to the Seychelles might in order © Anya Berkut / Getty Images


As several planets move through your fourth house of home and security, you might be feeling extra inspired to decorate for the holidays and catch up with loved ones. You might be feeling called to take some time off and cozy up in your home for a nice staycation, but if the travel bug has you itching for somewhere new, the Seychelles Islands off the east African Coast in the middle of the Indian Ocean, offer 155 tropical islands for you to hop between plus friendly locals who will make you feel right at home. 


Your third natal house of communication -- ruling over how you express yourself as well as how you interact with others -- is lit up by several transiting planets in Capricorn, meaning that you’ll be pushed to get out of your head and start sharing your ideas and thoughts with others. You like to go deep and bristle at small talk, which is why you tend to stick with those you know or be a lone wolf. Bondi Beach, Australia is the perfect place to meet fellow travelers for a Christmas bar-be-que along the shore and you’re sure to run into someone who shares similar interests.


With multiple planets moving through your second house of financial assets and values, you might have money on your mind this Capricorn season. Try not to focus your attention exclusively on finances and also consider whether the way you earn money and what you spend it on are accurate reflections of your inner values. The stunning views of Lake Titicaca and ancient Incan ruins on Bolivia’s Isla de Sol will help you get in touch with simple pleasures while challenging your assumptions of what you need to be comfortable.

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This article was first published August 2019 and updated November 2019

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