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Will Hajj happen in 2021? How Saudi Arabia is adjusting the pilgrimage.

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Ask LP: Will there be a Hajj in 2021?

3 min readPublished Jan 25, 2021

With strict COVID protocols for 2021, here's what you need to know about the Hajj, Islam's most important religious pilgrimage.

A handout picture provided by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah on October 4, 2020, shows Saudis and foreign residents circumambulating the Kaaba (Tawaf) in the Grand Mosque complex in the holy city of Mecca, as authorities partially resume the year-round Umrah for a limited number of pilgrims amid extensive health precautions after a seven-month coronavirus hiatus. (Photo by - / Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umra / AFP) (Photo by -/Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umra/AFP via Getty Images)
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Hajj Diaries: returning home

6 min readPublished Sep 24, 2019

In the final instalment of the Hajj Diaries, Tharik documents his return home to England after performing the Hajj.

The iconic green dome of the Prophet's Mosque now dominates the skyline in Madinah © Tharik Hussain / Lonely Planet
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Hajj Diaries: the devil within

6 min readPublished Sep 20, 2019

Lonely Planet writer Tharik Hussain takes us through the most daunting chapter of his Hajj experience yet, the jamarāt (ceremony of ‘stoning the devil’).

Pebbles used by Muslim pilgrims as they take part in the 'stoning of the devil' at the jamarāt bridge in Mina, which marks the final major rite of the Hajj © AHMAD AL-RUBAYE / Contributor / Getty Images
Art and culture

Hajj Diaries: the day of reckoning

5 min readPublished Sep 6, 2019

The latest installment in Tharik Hussain's Hajj Diaries focuses on the intense experience of the day of reckoning.

Hajj Diaries: the day of reckoning
Art and culture

Hajj Diaries: performing the Hajj

6 min readPublished Aug 26, 2019

The eagerly awaited third instalment of Tharik's Hajj diaries sees his experience of performing the Hajj proper.

Tharik Hussain gazes out over Mina © Tharik Hussain