You'll soon be able to try 3D-printed sushi in Tokyo

Japan has always led the way when it comes to new technologies and innovation, and its latest step towards the future concerns one of the country’s most famous dish — sushi.

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The new Sushi Singularity restaurant is the main project of the startup Open Meals. Image courtesy of Open Meals

Open Meals is a Tokyo-based startup that has just presented its main project— a restaurant called Sushi Singularity, which will serve hyper-personalised sushi based on the customer’s health and biometric data.

“The world of sushi enters a new realm,” the Open Meals staff says on the startup’s website. “[It does so] through harnessing technology, scientific materials, structures and cooking methods”. The whole project is designed as complete and total food revolution, which passes through three main steps— a food fabrication machine, equipped with tech like 3D printers; a food operation system, which will be shared across the world; and health identification to match each customer to their perfect nutrients.

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Each customer will have their health ID mapped out to ensure the food they will be served is the best for their body and needs. Image courtesy of Open Meals

With these innovations, Sushi Singularity will be “a futuristic space kitted out with fabrications units based on the latest food tech,” which will provide customers with a type of sushi that “no one has experienced before”. Some of the sushi available, all of which will be highly personalised, will include the squid castle, 3D printed out of frozen squid with an outer wall made of rice and honeycomb-shaped octopus.

If everything goes according to plan, the Sushi Singularity restaurant will open in Japan’s capital next year, in 2020. Would you like to try a bite of biometrically-engineered sushi?

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The sushi served will be uniquely shaped and 3D printed. Image courtesy of Open Meals

If you’re curious about this project and the other currently being developed by Open Meals, you can check them all out at the official website here.