Best family travel blogs: March 2018

family travel blogs
Destination: better air travel for families © Kristin Reinhard

It’s always interesting to see the variety of places and topics our family travel Pathfinders cover and March has been no exception. Destination-wise, our top blogs this month cover visiting Amsterdam’s Anne Frank Huis with children, things to do with kids in Colorado and how to take the family to Hawaii on a budget. We’ve also got advice on mother-daughter trips and a well-worded letter to airlines on the many ways they can improve air travel for families.

We sincerely hope this open letter to all airlines has been read by at least some of the major carriers. Afterall, improving air travel for families will benefit all passengers in the end. Drawing on both her experience and that of her fellow family travel bloggers, Kristin offers a wealth of ideas for how airlines can improve: starting with seating, moving onto food and activities, and ending with thoughts on frequent flier programmes.

Based in Switzerland, Kristin blogs about family travel and keeping it simple. Follow her at

By its nature family travel tends to involve transporting, feeding and sheltering more people than you might otherwise, so we like any post which helps reduces costs. Here Jessica provides detailed practical advice, usefully broken down sections on flights, accommodation, getting around and food, and doesn’t lose the focus on what is important for families. Plus, she makes us want to go to Hawaii.

Jessica believes travelling with kids opens their hearts and minds, teaching them tolerance. Find her blog at

For some of us, a visit to the place Anne Frank and her family hid for two years is an essential part of exploring Amsterdam. But working out whether your kids should come along is not so simple. In this post Clare gives a detailed rundown of exactly what to expect, enabling parents to make an informed decision based on what they think their child is ready to hear and see.

Clare blogs at where she aims to inspire travellers to slow down and take the time to appreciate and enjoy a place.

Here at Lonely Planet Kids we’re big fans of blog posts that include plenty of kid-centric ideas for things to do when you visit a place, allowing parents to mix and match what works for them with activities the kids will go wild for. There’s clearly no shortage of interesting places to visit with your children in Colorado. Time to put this state on your bucket list!

Jessica and her partner Rod are currently preparing to start their ‘jetsetting life’. Read their story

Perfectly timed for Mother’s Day, Tamara draws on her experiences from the regular trips she has taken with her daughter (including their annual road trip) to create a list of five top tips. With the focus very much on maximising the quality-time, family-bonding element of this type of trip, we guarantee that you won’t forget these simple yet highly effective tips.

Tamara likes to blend a bit of education, cultural exploration, adventure and good food into every trip. Read her blog at

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