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The first khor is popular with fishermen, but the second khor (at 4.8km) is one of those rare entities – a tidal football pitch, giving a new meaning to the term Mexican wave, perhaps, especially as the spectators of this busy pitch include crabs and mud creepers.

An Oberoi Resort is planned for the next khor at Shatti Masgour. Thereafter (at 6km), the road hugs the side of Bandar Khayran, a large, mangrove-fringed lagoon, more usually visited by boat from Muscat. It is a beautiful spectacle late in the afternoon when the sandstone, and its reflection in the water, seem to vibrate with colour.

Turn right at the mosque in the middle of Khayran village, taking care to dodge the goats and the small boys selling seashells. Turn left at the junction for Safait Al Shaikh (at 12.5km) for some excellent snorkelling (watch out for seahorses), or continue to Al Seifa, home to a growing resort and miles of sandy beaches.

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