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About 2km north of Manali on the hillside above the Beas River, Vashisht village is a slightly quieter and more compact version of Old Manali and a popular travellers’ hang-out. Indian tourists mostly come to bathe in the hot springs and tour the temples, while foreign travellers largely come for the cheap accommodation, chilled atmosphere and charas. Many guesthouses and restaurants close down from about November... Read More

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Manali Mountain Bike Sightseeing Tour

We start the tour in the traditional mountain village of Vashisht and visit the Vashisht Temple that local people believe to be around 4000 years old. The temple has natural hot springs and it is a good place to see local life as the villagers come to bathe, wash their clothes and pray. From here we descend towards Manali and cross over the river to visit the Siyali Mahadev Temple. From here we will carry on into the beautiful pine forest at Dhungri which is home to the very old and beautiful Hadimba Temple. We will pass through the Old Manali market which has lots of shops. If you see something that you are interested while cycling, we can stop for you to do some shopping! Our final temple visit is the beautifully carved Manu Temple. From here we will cycle to Goshal village that remains untouched from tourism with its stunning local wooden houses preserved. We can see the local women weaving shawls and tending to the animals in their traditional dress. From here we will cross over Beas River and complete a circle back to Vashisht where the tour starts.

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4-Day Sightseeing Mountain Bike Tour in Kullu Valley

Day 1:Starting from the pretty village of Vashisht, we will cycle mostly downhill alongside the raging Beas River until we reach Nagar Castle where we will stop to have some lunch. From Nagar it is 14km to Jana Waterfall where we will camp tonight in a beautiful and very old pine forest. At Jana we have the opportunity to try some typical Himachali food including red rice, ghee and siddhus. Day 2:Begin your day with cycling towards Biji MahaDev. On the way we will cycle past lots of green apple orchards and typical villages with intricately carved wooden houses bearing heavy stone roofs. You will see many villagers wearing traditional Himachali dress tending to their animals. When we reach our resting point for the night, you will be blown away by the impressive views of the whole Kullu Valley. We will also visit the Shiva temple here.Day 3:We wake up surrounded by amazing Himalaya views and get back on our bikes and begin to cycle back towards Naggar. When we reach Nagar we will take the chance to explore it properly and visit the local art gallery, some nearby temples and take a short walk up to a great mountain view point. We will spend the night in a comfortable guesthouse here tonight.Day 4:After breakfast it is time to head back to Manali. This is going to be the most challenging section of uphill cycling. When you get tired, you always have the option to jump in to the back support vehicle.

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Day Hike to Pandu Ropa in Manali

Your day hike to Pandu Ropa begins in the morning in Vashisht, where you meet your guide. Walk through the village, and then begin the hike with a grueling climb past green apple orchards and into the dense and fragrant pine forest. By lunchtime, you will have crossed the tree line and will be hiking up the alpine meadow of Bhrigu. At this height, enjoy a view of Kullu Valley below. If you're hiking between May and early September, you should also enjoy blooming Himalayan flowers, a welcoming sight. In the summer, the meadows are also home to shepherds tending their flocks of sheep. When you reach the very top of Pandu Ropa, take in the 360-degree view of the entire valley and town of Manali before heading back down. This hike mainly involves going uphill and is quite demanding. Safety is the top priority, and tour guides are experienced and knowledgeable. If you are reasonably fit, you should be able to do this tour.

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Canyoning Day Excursion in Manali

Our unique canyoning zone is inspired by breath-taking scenery of pine forest, and multiple cascading waterfalls dropping one after the other. This is truly one of Manali’s best kept secrets.The group meets at our office in Vashisht in the morning. Here the equipment is packed according to everyone fitting and size. We leave from the office on foot. The canyoning site is about a 35 minute walk from the office. You will walk through the village of Vashisht and enjoy the beautiful scenes on the way up.Our site involves four waterfalls cascading one after the other. The first waterfall is about  82 feet (25m long). The difficulty of the descent increases gradually, with the first waterfall being the easiest and the second slightly more difficult with the 4th being the toughest.