Top things to do

Cultural in Almora

Nanda Devi Fair

During this five-day fair, thousands of devotees parade the image of the goddess around and watch dancing and other cultural shows. The ritual slaughtering of a male buffalo at the fair's culmination was suspended i…
Factory in Almora

Panchachuli Weavers Factory

The Panchachuli Weavers Factory employs some 700 women to weave, market and sell woollen shawls. The shop here has a wider range of products than the small shop in the Mall. Taxis charge ₹150 return to the factory, …
Hindu Temple in Almora

Nanda Devi Temple

The stone Nanda Devi Temple dates back to the Chand raja era, and is covered in folk-art carvings, some erotic. Every September the temple hosts the five-day Nanda Devi Fair.
Tibetan in Almora

Saraswati Sweet & Restaurant

This busy place with upstairs tables quickly dishes up veg and nonveg momos and other Tibetan food, along with Chinese. The thukpa (Tibetan noodle soup) is spicy enough to clear your sinuses. It also has mutton burg…
Indian in Almora

Glory Restaurant

This long-running family eatery features popular South and North Indian veg and nonveg dishes, including biryanis and lemon chicken. Pizzas are extra cheesy.