Top things to do

Top Choice Monastery in Hohhot

Dà Zhào

This spectacular Tibetan Buddhist temple is the oldest and largest temple in the city. Also called 'Immeasurable Temple' (无量寺; Wúliàng Sì) in Chinese, the complex was originally built in the 16th century and much en…
Top Choice Mongolian in Hohhot


Overlooked by a portrait of Genghis Khan, diners love this colourful, fun and vibrant upstairs restaurant that does a roaring trade. There's a huge variety of Mongolian specialities to choose from, including sweet c…
Top Choice Pagoda in Hohhot

Wǔtǎ Pagoda

Rising up at the rear of the Five Pagoda Temple, this striking, Indian-influenced, five-tiered pagoda was completed in 1732. Its main claim to fame is the Mongolian star chart around the back (protected behind glass…
Top Choice International in Hohhot

Nana's Cafe

Head through a blue wooden door up to the second level for this cute cafe serving pasta, salad, dumplings and a range of Western dishes. Pair your meal with coffee (big mugs), beer or salty Mongolian milk tea. The c…
Top Choice Noodles in Hohhot

Xiānbáichéng Gǔtāng Hélè Miàn

This place does huge, filling and scrumptious bowls of delicious and appetising buckwheat noodles, with large chunks of beef or pork and free cold Chinese vegetable dishes by the counter. There's also cheap beer.
Mongolian in Hohhot

Dàndàn Tóngguōshuàn

The lighting in this fine traditional Mongolian hotpot restaurant is a bit intense, but the menu's sure-fire. Choose from spicy (辣; là) or mild (清淡; qīngdàn) broth, or a yuānyāng (鸳鸯; hot one side, non-spicy the oth…
Buddhist Site in Hohhot

Guanyin Temple

Its colossal halls capped in saffron tiles visible from a huge distance away, this massive temple is dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin. The colossal statue of the 1000-arm Guanyin within the Yuántōng Treasu…
Mongolian in Hohhot

Wūzhūmùqìn Nǎichágǔan Sì Fēndìan

Down the restaurant street of Huang Jie, this small restaurant serves Mongol ‘soul food’, including juicy jiǎozi (蒙古饺子; dumplings), Mongolian-style lamb (蒙古烤羊肉; Měnggǔ kǎoyángròu; ¥88/jīn), and suutai tsai (奶茶; salt…
Cultural in Hohhot


The week-long summer festival known as Naadam (literally meaning 'Games' in Mongolian) is the most famous knees-up in Inner Mongolia, featuring traditional Mongolian sports such as archery, wrestling and horse racin…
Bar in Hohhot

Inner Mongolia Hotel Café & Bar

This ground-floor bar at the Inner Mongolia Hotel may have overblown furniture, but there's a calming tranquility about it that's just the ticket for a morning or afternoon cup of coffee or a recuperative snifter co…