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Chóngqìng (重庆) municipality may be a relatively recent creation, having been carved out of Sìchuān province in 1997, but with its eponymous city driving the economy of western China, it's now one of the most important regions in the whole country. And, despite its new name, the area it covers has played a significant role throughout Chinese history and remains a place of great natural beauty... Read More

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$425 Boating & cruises

3-Night Victoria Jenna Three Gorges Cruise Tour From Chongqing to Yichang

Introduced in 2009, Victoria Jenna Cruise lets you enjoy a luxury cruise experience during your voyage through the Yangtze River. Victoria Jenna Cruise is a part of Asia’s largest cruise ship company, which ensures nothing less than 5-star standards to its guests. Comfort is paramount on the cruise, with the lavish cabins designed with modern and traditional Chinese styles. To enjoy the breathtaking sights and views along the way, you do not have to go to the top deck of the ship, instead you have the luxury to do so from your own private balcony.

$455 Boating & cruises

4-Day Yangtze Gold 6 Yangtze River Cruise Tour from Chongqing to Yichang

Experience the luxurious tranquility on board the Yangtze Gold 6 along the majestic Yangtze River. This is the voyage of a lifetime, passing through the Three Gorges region, home to thousands of years of history and timeless natural beauty, all in the comfort of one of the most impressive ships on the Yangtze today.

$475 Boating & cruises

4-Day 3-Night Yangtze Gold Three Gorges Cruise Tour from Chongqing to Yichang

This luxurious floating hotel, Yangtze Gold 3, began her service in June 2012 along the magnificent Yangtze River. The ship is perfectly equipped with a restaurant, bar, sauna room and massage pallor, gym, conference room and business center.

$475 Boating & cruises

3-Night Yangtze Gold 5 Three Gorges Cruise Tour from Chongqing to Yichang

The luxurious 5-star Yangtze Gold 5 began her maiden voyage in June 2012. With her grand lobby leading into a beautiful ballroom, elegant restaurant and top furnishings; the ship boasts the same comforts and amenities you would expect from a 5-star hotel. The Yangtze Gold 5 features spacious cabins with private balconies, from where you can enjoy the outstanding views, as well as en suite facilities.

$475 Boating & cruises

3-Night Yangtze Gold 2 Yangtze River Cruise Tour from Chongqing to Yichang

Yangtze Gold 2 is one of the latest deluxe sightseeing ships on the Yangtze River. Built and started her operation since 2012, she is exquisitely tailored in line with the top five-star standard with the blend of human-oriented design and advanced facilities. Her guest staterooms feature a private bathroom with a television and other cruise ship amenities. Every stateroom aboard the Yangtze Gold 2 opens onto a private balcony for unparalleled views of the gently passing river scenery.

$439 Boating & cruises

3-Night President 7 Yangtze River River Cruise Tour From Chongqing to Yichang

The luxury cruise ship President No. 7 started her maiden voyage in 2013 and she is one of the most luxury and newest cruises on the Yangtze River. As the sister ship of the famous President No. 8 with the same class and design, President No. 7 is 146.8 meter in length and 20.2 meter in width as the largest Yangtze River cruise ships. It contains total 230 rooms for 460 guests - 215 luxury Standard Cabins, 13 luxury Executive Cabins, and 2 Presidential Suites.