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This rich historical heritage can be seen at the Archaeologicial Museum and in a preserved Roman tomb from the 4th century. Archaeological digs continue into the present day and each year unearth yet another treasure.

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Dobrogea History,Wine Traditions near Pontus Euxinus

During this trip the ancient realm of Dobrogea will reveal itself.Three Monuments dating back to the Dacian era and an important orthodox pilgrimage site dating from the XI th century A.D will be your destination. Morning 8.00 o'clock-Departure from hotel to Calarasi.After the ferry crossing the Danube near Silistra ,we will continue the way to our first stop,Dervent Monastery,a place of miraculous healings and exorcism rituals. We will travel in time from the XIth to II th century A.D. stopping by Saint Andrew's cave,the place where it is believed that the apostle lived for a short time and christianized the Geto-Dacians back in the Ist century. Further we will explore the remains of Adamclisi a monument build to commemorate the victory of the Roman Army conducted by the emperor Traian against the Geto-Dacians ruled at that time by Decebal.The monument "Tropaeum Traiani"(The trophy of Traian)dating from 109 A.D. celebrates the annexation of the province Dacia to the Roman Empire after the second Roman-Dacian war (105-106 A.D.)

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Srebarna Nature Reserve and Silistra on Danube Day Trip from Varna

Your tour starts at 8:00am from your accommodation in Varna. The road passes through the beautiful Dobrudzha region. You will arrive at Srebarna Nature Reserve (about 140 km from Varna) at about 10:30. Start with a walking tour around  Srebarna Lake and enjoy the pleasant view from the specially constructed observation platforms.After spending time with nature, you will continue to the Turkish fort Abdul Medzhidi, also called Medzhidi Tabiya, the only fortress with completely preserved interior and exterior belonging to the Ottoman period in Bulgaria. It was built because of the need to further strengthen the Danube cities, when the Danube River was established as a natural border of the Ottoman Empire. After the fortress, you will continue to the town of Silistra on Danube River, one of the first towns to set up their own museums in Bulgaria. The History Museum in the town was opened on 11 January 1899 and comprises two exhibitions – an archaeological and an ethnographical one, situated on different places. The ethnographical exhibition includes exhibits that present the way of life and the culture of the Dobrudzha people from the Silistra Region who lived in the period from the mid-19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. The archaeological exhibition comprises prehistoric, ancient and medieval monuments.You will have a stroll through the city center, visiting the Kurshumlu Mosque, built during the first decades of the 17th century by Ottoman architects. It is famous for its richly painted walls and ceilings and the colored stones used in the brickwork around the windows and the doors.In the afternoon you will enjoy the beautiful park and picturesque river panoramas alongside Danube River.On your way back to Varna, stop in the Old Dobrich Architectural-Ethnographic Museum, an open-air museum where the traditional crafts of the Dobrudzha Region since the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century are preserved and exhibited. It is located in the center of modern-day Dobrich, taking the place of what was formerly known as Odun Market. Skilled craftsmen descending from families with traditions in craftsmanship continue the centuries-long tradition of their crafts at the reconstructed old town market. Potters, blacksmiths, embroiderers, weavers, coopers, goldsmiths, and others make traditional products using old techniques and ingenious tools in more than 30 workshops.At the end of the day, you will set off back to Varna and your accommodation, arriving around 8:00pm.

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Bucharest airport transfer to Silistra, Bulgaria - fixed price for up to 7 seats

Silistra is a port city on the Danube in the north-eastern Bulgaria. Silistra is the administrative center of Region and one of the most important historical cities in the region of Dobrogea and Cadrilater. He belonged to the Romanian Country during Mircea the Old, Dracula's probably for a short time, returned to Romania after the Second Balkan War in 1913 until 1940, when it was ceded to Bulgaria. The Romans built here after 29 BC, a fortress, the construction site of another Celtic Durostorum keeping her name (or Dorostorum). He became one of the important centers of the province Moesia, becoming the city during Marcus Aurelius. In the era of the First Bulgarian rulers, Silistra next in importance after the capital Preslav and beak. Since the beginning of sec. Ninth important it is spiritual and administrative center. Today marks the ancient past are exhibits in the center of the city itself rezarvatia "Durostorum-Drastar-Silistra. Romanian late ancient tomb of the era provide a unique journey into the past unusual. Silistra People are proud of the many central buildings in Secession style, dating from the early century. twentieth-century restored and exhibited in public areas of municipal government project "Beautiful Bulgaria". Quadrilateral southern Dobrogea is bordered by the rivers Beli Lom and that the Danube and Black Sea Kamchiya name means "quadrilateral" and comes in four Turkish cities that formed a defensive system in the north-east Bulgaria: Silistra, Ruse, Shumen and Varna