Top Choice Beach in Paraty

Praia da Trindade

About 25km south of Paraty, Trindade occupies a long sweep of stunningly beautiful coastline. Here you can lounge or hike along four of Brazil’s most dazzling beaches (Cepilho, Ranchos, Meio and Cachadaço), with sur…
Top Choice Bay in Paraty

Saco de Mamanguá

This gorgeous fjord-shaped inlet cuts a narrow 7km channel into the mountains southeast of Paraty. Various Paraty-based tour companies offer boat trips here. Alternatively, hire a guide for the strenuous 2km hike up…
Historic Site in Paraty

Fazenda Bananal

Opened in 2017, this unique park is part nature reserve, part historic site. The grounds shelter 260 species of birds, walking trails, a mini-farm where you can visit goats, calves and chickens, and a native plant g…
Beach in Paraty

Praia de Paraty-Mirim

For accessibility, cost and beauty, this tranquil beach 17km southeast of Paraty is hard to beat. The adjacent chapel, dating to 1686, was the first constructed by the Portuguese in the Paraty region. Barracas (food…
Fort in Paraty

Forte Defensor Perpétuo

For sweeping bay views, climb to this historic Portuguese fort. First built in 1703 and rebuilt in 1822, its original purpose was to defend the gold passing through Paraty's port from pirate raids. The fort's small …
Distillery in Paraty

Alambique Paratiana

Set beside the rushing Rio da Pedra Branca, Paratiana offers free tours of its cachaça distillery, where gleaming stills share space with giant casks of oak and native umburana wood and a collection of vintage bottl…
Beach in Paraty

Praia do Sono

This stunning beach, about 35km southeast of Paraty, is accessible only by foot or boat. Catch a Colitur bus to Laranjeiras (R$4.25, 40 minutes) and then follow the trail across the hills (about one hour). Paraty To…
Distillery in Paraty

Maria Izabel

This acclaimed cachaça distillery, 10km north of Paraty, often places within the top 10 or 20 in nationwide competitions. Call at least a day ahead to arrange a visit, or sign up for a tour through a Paraty travel a…
Church in Paraty

Igreja Santa Rita dos Pardos Libertos

Built in 1722, this was the church for freed mulattoes (persons of mixed black and white ancestry). Nowadays it houses a tiny museum of sacred art and has some fine woodwork on the doorways and altars.
Church in Paraty

Matriz NS dos Remédios

Built in 1787 on the site of two previous 17th-century churches, this 'mother' church on Paraty's main square legendarily got financing for its construction from pirate treasure found hidden on Praia da Trindade. Op…