Fort in Paraty

Forte Defensor Perpétuo

For sweeping bay views, climb to this historic Portuguese fort. Built in 1703 and rebuilt in 1822, its original purpose was to defend the gold passing through Paraty's port from pirate raids. The fort's small museum…
Church in Paraty

Matriz NS dos Remédios

Built in 1787 on the site of two 17th-century churches, this church holds art from past and contemporary local artists. According to legend, the construction of the church was financed by pirate treasure found hidde…
Church in Paraty

Igreja Santa Rita dos Pardos Libertos

Built in 1722, this was the church for freed mulattoes (persons of mixed black and white ancestry). It houses a tiny museum of sacred art and has some fine woodwork on the doorways and altars.
Museum in Paraty

Casa da Cultura

In a beautiful colonial mansion, Paraty’s Casa da Cultura hosts rotating exhibitions and events, with a focus on local culture. There are nice views of town from the main gallery upstairs.
Church in Paraty

Capela de NS das Dores

This church of the colonial white elite was built in 1800 and renovated in 1901. It houses a small art gallery and a fascinating cemetery in the inner courtyard.
Church in Paraty

Igreja NS do Rosário e São Benedito dos Homens Pretos

Built in 1725 by and for slaves, and renovated in 1857, the church has gilded wooden altars dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary, St Benedict and St John.